Research Focus

The Auditory Perception and Action Lab is concerned broadly with how the brain conceptualizes complicated event sequences typical of music and speech and the conditions under which this ability breaks down. Various lines of research are currently underway to achieve this goal. Lab facilities are designed to accommodate a number of paradigms, including vocal production, keyboard production, motion capture, and perceptual tasks.

Park HallLocation

We are located in Park Hall at the north campus of the University at Buffalo. The lab is affiliated with the psychology department.


The lab welcomes students at both the graduate and undergraduate level who are interested in sequence production and auditory perception. Students in psychology, music, and other related disciplines are welcome to apply as research assistants. Because most of our studies involve music-related paradigms, a music background is highly beneficial for working in the lab. For more information, please contact the lab to get in touch with the director, Dr. Pfordresher.