View APAL facilities and equipment:

Main work room Room 337 is the main work room and also occasionally hosts lab meetings. Here, lab members can process and analyze data from our latest experiments at each of the several workstations. This room also houses the indispensable coffee maker.

Room 336 is the location of our sound attenuated booth that is utilized extensively for vocal imitation studies. Outside the booth is a workstation that seats the assistant who controls the experiment. This room also has an extra desk with monitor for running additional perception experiments. Vocal imitation room

Main work room This is a view inside the sound booth. Participants hear auditory feedback through comfortable circumaural headphones while clean, high quality vocal recordings are obtained with a dynamic microphone.

Room 338 is our sequence production room where tapping and keyboard-based experiments are performed. Visible in this photo is our motion capture camera system mounted from the ceiling. Motion capture

Main work room An assistant demonstrates a tapping experiment. Attached to each of his fingers are tiny light-emitting diodes that are detected by the motion capture cameras. As the fingers are moved upwards and downwards on the tap pad, the camera records the movement of the diodes. After the experiment, detailed data analysis of the velocities and accelerations of each tapping movement can reveal intrinsic timing patterns.

Pictured here are two assistants at lab workstations. The computers in the laboratory are capable of running numerous operating systems and data analysis programs. Workstations

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