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Postdoctoral Fellows

soon Junting Liu (Ph.D., Xidian University, China, 2014)
applies his experience in mouse brain imaging to determine local brain activity during magnetic stimulation and silencing
soon Komal Sethi (Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Delhi, India, 2018)
brings her experience in nanoparticle synthesis and coating to the magnetothermal neuromodulation projects

Graduate Students

soon Muye He (Ph.D., 2017 - ) Works on ultrasound neurostimulation and explores other remote cell modulation ideas
soon Rahul Munshi (Ph.D., 2012 - 2018)
M.Sc. from India
Works on magnetothermal neurostimulation and explores nanoscale heat dissipation in magnetically heating nanoparticles
soon Yue Xing (Ph.D., 2016 - )
uses bimFCS to study the influence of membrane cholesterol on signaling
soon Mike Zucker (Ph.D., 2015 - )
uses bimFCS to study the influence of membrane cytoskeleton on signaling

Lab Alumni: former postdocs

Idoia Castellanos Rubio 2014-2017
applied her experience in nanoparticle synthesis and characterization to develop the next generation of stimulators; now Marie-Curie Fellow and staff at U Pais Vasco, Spain
Shahnaz Qadri 2012-2015
worked to invivo NP neuro-stimulation to evoke motor behavior in mice; now staff at Qatar U, Doha
Heng Huang 2012-2013
worked on thermo-magnetic neurostimulation and bimFCS; now scientist at Illumina, San Diego, CA
Hongwang Zang 2012-2013
was joined with Dr. Hao Zeng's group synthesizes novel superparamagnetic nanoparticles; now manager at DK Electronic Materials

Lab Alumni: former graduate students

Weixiang JinPh.D., Physics 2017
Ca++ induced plasma membrane nanodomains
now Assistant R&D Director at Shanghai Epione Medlab
Muhammed SimsekPh.D., Physics 2015
bimFCS of membrane cytoskeleton
now post-doc in the Ozbudak lab at Albert Einstein U
Heng HuangPh.D., Physics 2012now Senior Engineer at Illumina
Thermo-magnetic neurostimulation & bimFCS
Yunshiang HsuPh.D., Physics 2013returned to Taiwan
Thermal noise imaging of membrane ultrastructure
Vijay RanaM.S., Physics 2010Ph.D., medical physics 2014
Thesis - PALM microscopyresident in medical physics
Yichen LiM.S., Physics 2008Ph.D. 2010, now staff at BNL
Thesis - TIRF autofocus


soon Arnd Pralle (Ph.D. 1999 U. Munich, & EMBL, Heidelberg)
Associate Professor Physics
Adjunct Associate Professor Biophysics and Physiology
Office: 229 Fronczak Hall (716) 645-3069
Email : apralle_at_buffalo_edu
contact details and short CV or long CV (PDF)

Laboratory Staff

soon Sara Parker (M.S., Cell Bio, 2011)
primary neuron culture, molecular biology and in-vivo neuro-stiumuatlion

Undergraduate Students

soon Jeanpierre Tenesaca (Physics, 2017 - )
modeling temperature effects on neuronal firing

Lab Alumni: former staff

Jason Myers (M.S., Biology); 2012-15; work on neuronal cultures, in-vivo mouse experiments and molecular biology
Kelly Wyrough (B.S., Biology); 2011-14, took care of our cell and molecular biology

Lab Alumni: former undergraduate students

Junhong ChoiB.S., Physics and Chemistry 2013physics graduate at Stanford U
Honors thesis - agarose supported bilayer
Katie SpothB.S., Physics 2012physics graduate at Cornell U
Honors thesis - nanoparticle heating
Rebekah TestaB.A., Psychology 2011PA 2015 D'Youville, now physician
assistant resident in NC
Zach van ZantB.A., Physics/Math/Philosopy
Dan StoloffB.S., Physics 2011graduate student at North Eastern U
Henry KayutkinB.S., Biology 2012
Justin Portersummer studentundergrad Johns Hopkins U
Samantha CasterB.S., Biophysics 2010
Esther JungB.S., Bioeng. 2010
Melissa CritchesB.S., Biomed. Eng. 2009
Teresa RizzoneB.S., Prepharm 2008Pharmacist at VA, PharmD UB
Monica ZugravuB.S., Biophyics 2008RA, Harvard Center Nano Systems
Honors thesis - magnetic heating
Meher SinghB.S., Math 2007
John FeeB.S., Premed 2007M.D. after medical school

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