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OS 512 Research Design

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When & Where 2004
Syllabus 2004 (html)
Syllabus 2004 (pdf)

Example Summary (html)
Example Summary (Word)
Reliability (html)
More on Kappa
Evidence Based Dentistry (pdf)
Vocabulary of Research Design
Grammar of Research: Summary of Various Designs
Semmelweis Homework (html)
On Counting and Naming
Supplementary Reading
On blind data (pdf)
Absence of evidence (html)
Absence of evidence (WordPerfect, PC)
Fishing as an experiment (pdf)
Parameters and variables (pdf)
History: testing polio vaccine
How to randomize (pdf)
Rationale for randomizing (pdf)
Statistical unit (html)
Statistical unit (WordPerfect, PC)

Last updated on August 10, 2004