Hollander/Hollaender Family History

1827 - Nicolaus Hollaender : Born

  • Nicolaus Hollaender baptism is on 10 Dec 1827 in the Catholic Church in Karlshausen, Rheinland, Prussia. (Karlshausen is very close to Leimbach)
    • Father's Name: Wilhelmi Hollaender
    • Mother's Name: Catharina Staus

Source Information
"Germany Births and Baptisms, 1559-1898," index, ''FamilySearch'' Index entries derived from digital copies of original and compiled records.

1865 - Nicolaus Hollaender & Maria Lucas : Marriage

Groom's Name: Nicolaus Hollaender
Bride's Name: Maria Lucas
Marriage Date: 07 Jan 1865
Religion: Katholish
Marriage Place: Karlshausen, Rheinland ,Prussia
Groom's Father's Name: Guilelmi Hollaender
Groom's Mother's Name: Catharinae Staus
Bride's Father's Name: Theodori Lucas
Bride's Mother's Name: Catharinae Arens

Source Information
"Germany Marriages, 1558-1929," index, ''FamilySearch'' Index entries derived from digital copies of original and compiled records.

1888 - Immigration

On August 10, 1888, the Nicolaus Hollaender (shortened to Hollander) family arrived in New York City at the Castle Garden immigration center on the ship S.S. NOORDLAND of the Red Star Line.

Port of departure is: ANTWERP.
Destination is: DUNKIRK.
Last place of residence: Leimbach, Germany.
(Leimbach is near the border of Luxemberg and the city of Trier in Germany.)

The September 10, 1888 issue of the Dunkirk Observer-Journal show us that Mr Nicholas Hollander has a letter waiting for him at the U.S. Post Office.

The following letters remain uncalled for the U.S. postoffice, Dunkirk, on Saturday, September 8, 1888. Persons calling for them please say "advertised."

See PDF version.

1892 - New York State Census

On February 16, 1892, the Hollander family is officially logged in the 1892 New York State Census.

  • Four of the five children still live at home in the 1st Ward of Dunkirk.
  • Oldest daughter Mary, who would be about 21-22 years old, is living in the 3rd Ward of Dunkirk.

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Mr. Hollander, janitor of Sacred Henri Church, fell Tuesday morning while taking down booths used during the fair and broke his ankle. He was attended by Dr. Benjamin.

--Dunkirk Evening Observer, December 11, 1889


1900 - 12th U.S. Federal Census

On June 2, 1900, the family is counted in the 12th U.S. Federal Census.

  • Now living on 170 East Second St in Dunkirk, Mary Hollander (last name spelled "Hollender" in the census) is widowed at 56 yrs old.
  • Matthew (20 yrs old) and Katie (16 yrs old) living at home.
    • Mathew is a butcher.
    • Katie works in a seed factory.
  • Notice that Mary is listed as the mother of 12 children with 5 living.

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Matt Hollander was severly hurt last night when a horse he was driving around the Point became frightened and kicked.

--Dunkirk Evening Observer, June 30, 1901


1902 - Matthew Hollander Marriage

  • On October 14, 1902, Matthew Hollander marries Clara Long.

The Bazoo band, comprised of members of the Dunkirk Cycle Club, marched into the homes of William Wagner and Matthew Hollander, recently married members of the wheeling club, and serenaded them.

-- Dunkirk Evening Observer - October 21, 1902


1905 - New York State Census

On June 1, 1905, New York State conducts another state census.

  • Matthew Hollander (listed as Mat Holender) is now 24 years old and married to Clara.
  • Matt & Clara are borders in the Schanck family household living at 110 Beaver Street in Dunkirk.
  • Matthew is working as a machinist and Clara is a homeworker.

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1909 - Matt Hollander Livery

Matthew is now operating a livery having bought Washburn Livery from Fred Washburn in August 1909 as reported in the Dunkirk Observer in August 31, 1909.

"Matt Hollander and George Fitzer, well known young men of this city, have closed a deal with Fred Washburn whereby they will conduct the Washburn Livery business on Ruggles Street. They have purchased the horses, vechicles and other equipment and leased the property."



1910 - 13th U.S. Federal Census

On April 21, 1910, the family is counted in the 13th U.S. Federal Census.

  • Mary Hollander, 68 years old, is living at 126 Lincoln Ave with daughter Catherine in Dunkirk.
  • Mathew and Clara Hollander are living at 113 East Second Street with sons Gerald (3 yrs) and new-born Keneth.

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1912 - Livery Merges with M. P. Toomey

The Fitzer & Hollander Livery merge with M.P. Toomey as reported in the Dunkirk Observer in 1912.

The two livery stables of M. P. Toomey and Fitzer and Hollander have been combined, and the barns will be at 36 Ruggles Street.


1917 - Saunders & Hollander

Frank H. Saunders has purchased an interest in the Toomey, Fitzer, Hollander Livery at 34 Ruggles street. M. P. Toomey and George Fitzer retire and M. J. Hollander and Mr. Saunders will be associated as partners.

Dunkirk Evening Observer, April 3, 1917


1919 - Hollander Garage

Mathew Hollander is now operating the HOLLANDER GARAGE as reported in the Dunkirk Observer in April 4, 1919.

Hollander's Auto Agency and Garage Opened April 1st - Will Handle Chalmers, Maxwell and Dort Cars.

"Announcement was made today of the opening of a new business enterprise to be knows as Hollander's Garage located at No. 76 E. Fourth Streert corner of Leopard under the manangement of Matthew Hollander, a well known business man....."

Dunkirk Evening Observer
May 22, 1919

Dunkirk Evening Observer
May 20, 1919

Dunkirk Evening Observer
May 15, 1919

Dunkirk Evening Observer
May 9, 1919

Dunkirk Evening Observer
April 18, 1919

April 6, 1919

April 5, 1919


1920 - 14th U.S. Federal Census

On January 13, 1920, the family is counted in the 14th U.S. Federal Census.

  • Mary Hollander is 79 years old living at 126 Lincoln Ave (rear apartment).
  • Notice her place of birth is now listed as Trier, Germany

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  • Mathew and Clara Hollander are living at 132 Ruggles Street in Dunkirk.
  • Notice Matthew's place of birth appears to be listed as Preußen, which is German for Prussia.
  • Matthew's occupation is now: "Driver - Taxi Cab"
  • Children listed:
    • Gerald 13-yrs
    • Elmer 9-yrs
    • Myrtle 4-months

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  • Theodore Hollander, now 50 years old, is still in Dunkirk, married to Effery with 7 children.
  • His place of birth is listed as Preston, Germany.
  • His occupation is "Machinist, Loco"
  • Children listed:
    • Effery Hollander
    • Henry Hollander
    • Frank Hollander
    • Victoria Hollander
    • Veronica Hollander
    • Elizabeth Hollander
    • Paul Hollander
    • Mary Hollander


1923 - Mary Hollander Dies

  • Mary Hollander dies on July 19, 1923 at the age of 82."




Animal Which Eluded Local Expressmen Picked Up by Matt Hollander, Who Gets Reward.

After successfully eluding pursuers or 21 hours, Duke, the valuable pointer dog which broke loose from his crate at the American Express company offices, was captured late Tuesday afternoon on Ceatral avenue by Matt Hollander of the Used Car Exchange. For finding the animal, Hollander will receive a reward of five dollars. Duke is vauled at $150 and was being shipped from Grand Valley, Pa, to Sodus, N.Y. Monday night and all day Tuesday many persons were trying to capture the dog and get the reward. Several of those intent on catching the animal report that they came close to him at times but he always eluded his pursuer at the crucial moment.

Dunkirk Evening Observer, December 23, 1925




Police Notify Outlying Town of Theft Before Driver Remembers.

A misplaced automobile sent the police department into a frenzy of activity for 5 minutes at 10 a. m. today.

Matthew J. Hollander, 120 Ruggle street, chauffeur for Dr. Edwin G. Mease, reported that he parked the doctor's car on Central avenue while he went into the Palmer & Rowe building.

He did another errand down the street, he told Acting Chief Rahu, and upon his return found that the car was missing. "It was locked, too," he said, showing the keys. A funeral procession had been expected at Fourth street and Central avenue and patrolmen had been detailed there to handle traffic.

"If someone would risk taking a locked car with policemen as near that, it must be serious" the chief thought, and while officers were dispatched to watch the streets and acting chief and Desk Lieutenant Daniel Maloney set about notifying the outlying towns.

Brocton, Silver Creek and Fredonia had been notified and the Westfield and Jamestown departments were on the wire when Hollander returned to headquarters. "I found it," he said.

"I forgot that when I left the Palmer & Rowe building I moved it down the street and left it between Third and Fourth streets."

--Dunkirk Evening Observer, August 21, 1934




1940 - 16th U.S. Federal Census

On April 5, 1940, the family is counted in the 14th U.S. Federal Census.

  • Mathew and Clara Hollander are living at 707 Deer Street in Dunkirk.
  • Matthew's occupation is now: "Automobile Salesmen"
  • Children listed:
    • Gerald 33-yrs
    • Elmer 30-yrs
    • Myrtle 20-yrs
    • Gerald, Jr. (Grandson) 11-yrs


1940 - Elmer Hollander Wedding

  • Elmer Hollander marries Josephine Makuch
  • Will reside at 160 East Second Street in Dunkirk.

    Dunkirk Evening Observer, October 12, 1940 -


1941 - Katherine Hollander Dies

Miss Katherine Hollander, a resident of Dunkirk for the last four years, died Saturday at Brooks hospital. Miss Hollander, whose residence was at 422 Central avenue, was a native of Germany.

Before moving to Dunkirk, she lived in Gloversvllle. She was a member of Sacred Heart church. Surviving are two brothers, Matthew and Theodore Hollander, and a sister, Mrs. Frank Zentz all of Dunkirk.

-- The Evening Observer - March 17, 1941


1944 - Gerald Hollander Wedding

The wedding of Miss Myrtle Dieter of 411 Washington avenue daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Dieter ot Cassadaga, to Gerald Hollander, son of Mr. and Mrs Mathew Hollander of 707 Deer street, took place today at North East, Pa. The bride, who wore navy blue pinstripe suit and corsage of red roses, was attended by her sister, Mrs. Albert Bulger of Cassadaga. Elmer Hollander of King street was his brother's best man. The bride and groom will reside in Dunkirk at 137 Lincoln avenue.

-- The Evening Observer - April 18, 1944




When Matthew J. Hollander, 707 Deer street, saw his hound disappear far out in the ice covered lake near Barcelona Friday, closely pursuing a fox, he thought he had lost the animal.

The Deer street man returned to Barcelona after dark Friday night believing the hound might return to the spot where the car had been parked. Saturday he again visited the scene but found no trace of his dog.

Sunday Mr. Hollander and several other men again went hunting and inquired about the dog around Barcelona but without results. He did, however, run across another hound which apparently had become lost from its owner while chasing a deer.

They put the animal in their car and soon after ran across the owner. Mr. Hollander explained about his dog having been lost and asked the second party to be on the lookout for it.

Sunday afternoon when Hollander's party had returned home they received a telephone message from the other group saying they had seen the lost hound near Portland. They had been unable to get near enough to the dog, however, to put it in the car.

So Mr. Hollander returned to the Portland area and after an hour's hunt ran across the weary animal and brought it home.

"When I saw the hound chasing the fox straight out into the lake I figured she was a goner," Mr. Hollander said today. "I figured they would keep going right across to Canada. Saturday when we went up to Barcelona we followed the tracks out in the lake at least three miles."

-- The Evening Observer - February 9, 1948



1952 - Matthew & Clara Hollander 50th Wedding Anniversary

"Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hollander on Sunday celebrated the 50th anniversary of their wedding, the date of which was Oct. 14. A family dinner was held at their residence, 707 Deer Street. They were married in Albany, came to Dunkirk and have lived here since. Mr. Hollander and the late Michael Toomey operated a livery stable on Ruggles Street for many years. They also ran the first taxi in this city. Before his recent retirement Mr. Hollander was employed as an automobile salesman.

The couple has three children and six grandchildren."

-- The Evening Observer - October 20, 1952


1954 - Clara (Long) Hollander Dies

Clara Hollander Died On Monday

"Mrs. Clara Long Hollander, 74, of 707 Deer Street, died at her home Monday evening at 6:30PM after a lengthy illness. Born January 26, 1880 in Dunkirk, she was a lifelong resident of the city and was a member of the Grace Lutheran church.

Surviving are her husband, Matthew Hollander of Dunkirk; two sons, Gerald and Elmer Hollander of Dunkirk; a daughter, Mrs. Andrew Altweis of Dunkirk; two brothers; William and Edward Long of Dunkirk; five sisters, Mrs.Walter Mayne of Cincinnati.....

-- The Dunkirk Evening Observer - June, 1954



1959 - Josephine (Makuch) Hollander Dies

Mrs Hollander Died on Monday

Mrs. Josephine Makuch Hollander, wife of Elmer Hollander, 50 Ruggles street, Dunkirk, died late Monday afternoon in Brooks Hospital following an illness of three months.

A native and lifelong resident of Dunkirk, she was 51 years old and had been employed at the Van-Raalte plant. She was a member of Sacred Heart church, the Scared Heart Mothers Club, and the Cardinal Mindszenty Mothers club.

Besides her husband, she is survived by three children, Kenneth, Allen, and Janet Hollander of Dunkirk: her mother, Mrs. Hedwig Makuch of Dunkirk; five brothers, John, Adam, Walter and Alan Makuch of Dunkirk, and Casimir Makuch of New Orleans, La.; three sisters, Mrs. Edward Strychalski, Mrs. Joseph Garsteck, and Mrs. Chester Koleta of Dunkirk.

-- The Dunkirk Evening Observer - April 28, 1959


1963 - Theodore Hollander Dies

Mr. Hollander, 94, Died In Hospital

Theodore Hollander, 94, of 53 East Sixth street, Dunkirk died this morning in Brooks hospital after a short illness. Born in Germany, he had lived in Dunkirk for the past 73 years. He was a member of Sacred Heart church. Surviving are three sons, Frank of Oneonta, Benjamin and Henry of Dunkirk; three daughters, Mrs. Mary-McAloon of Hartford, Conn., Mrs. Elizabeth Konert of Olean, and Mrs. Veronica Guida of Dunkirk; a brother, Matthew Hollander of Dunkirk; a sister. Mrs. Frank Zentz of Dunkirk; three grandchildren.

-- The Dunkirk Evening Observer - November 29, 1963


1964 - Allen Hollander Wedding

Judith Dominiak, Allen Hollander Exchange Vows

Miss Judith Dominiak, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Dorniniak, 134 South Jerboa street, Dunkirk, became the bride this morning of Mr. Allen Hollander, son of Mr. Elmer Hollander, 120 Ruggles street, Dunkirk and the late Mrs. Hollander. The Rev. Maurus Schenck, CP, performed the ceremony at noon in St. Mary's church.

-- The Dunkirk Evening Observer - June 13, 1964


1965 - Matthew Hollander Dies

Matthew J. Hollander 84, of the Wright apartments, Dunkirk died Thursday afternoon in Brooks hospital after a lengthy illness. Born in Germany he had lived in Dunkirk for the past 72 years. He was a retired automobile salesman. Mr. Hollander was a member of Sacred Heart church. He is survived by two sons, Elmer of Dunkirk and Gerald of Portland; a daughter, Mrs. Andrew Altweis, of Portland; a sister. Mrs. Frank Zontz of Dunkirk. Six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren also survive.

-- The Dunkirk Evening Observer - January 2, 1965


1967 - Janet Hollander Wedding

Janet Hollander Bride Today Of David T. Jagoda

The Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania is the honeymoon destination of Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas Jagoda. whose marriage at 10:30 o'clock this morning took place in Sacred Heart church. White gladioli and pompons decorated the altar for the mass celebrated by the pastor, the Rev. Joseph A. Scharmach.

-- The Dunkirk Evening Observer - September 9, 1967


1969 - Ken Hollander Wedding

Miss Scott, Mr. Hollander Are Married

St. Mary's church was the setting for the recent marriage of Miss Roberta Anne Scott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott of West Second street, Dunkirk to Mr. Kenneth Hollander, son of Mr. Elmer Hollander and the late Mrs. Josephine Hollander of Ruggles street, Dunkirk.

-- The Dunkirk Evening Observer - February 19, 1969


AL HOLLANDER - Parts Department Manager

No unnecessary delays when a part is needed. Al gets it for you in a flash - if he already doesn't have it in the area's largest parts department.

-- The Dunkirk Evening Observer - September 27, 1969





Dunkirk police started an extensive campaign Saturday to register bicycles in the city. Because only 34 bicycle owners availed themselves of the opportunity, another registration and rodeo is scheduled for Saturday, June 14 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Dunkirk High School parking lot on West Sixth Street. In the bottom photo, Linda Hollander shows her ability to Patrolman James Pleszewski to "weave between" some obstacles.

-- The Dunkirk Evening Observer - June 2, 1975




Four Girls Win Dunkirk Library Reading Contest

Four girls won the summer reading contest at the Dunkirk Free Library. In the third-fifth grade group, Susan Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Brown, Jr., 249 Lord Street, read 148 books. Kelly Hollander, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hollander, 615 Swan Street, followed with a total of 144 books.

-- The Dunkirk Evening Observer - September 20, 1976




Dee (Judy) Hollander says:

"What's it like to work for Margaret Valone"

"I have worked for Margaret Valone for 12 yrs. She has shared her knowledge and her profits with all of us. We can't figure out where she gets all her energy. No job is too big or too small. Besides all this, we have fun at work."

-- The Dunkirk Evening Observer - November 7, 1977


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