Origins of the Oregon Shortridge Family

        This is a family history website on the Shortridge family that migrated to Oregon via the Oregon Trail in the mid-1800's.  Some information on others of the Shortridge surname in America is included as well as limited information on maternal surnames that get covered over through marriage.  

        In 2008, a family history on the Oregon Shortridge family was compiled into book form.  This book was converted to web format and is provided here.   Individual chapters, notes, and appendices can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate links given below.   I am hoping to update this book, so please feel free to contact me if you are able to provide additional information.  Contact information is given at the end of this page.

Photograph taken in the late 1800's of Caroline Drennon (Emmons) Shortridge, James Henderson Shortridge (back) and William Wallace Shortridge (right).  Each traveled to Oregon via the Oregon Trail in different years (James in 1851, William in 1852, and Caroline in 1866).   Their father, Samuel Boone Shortridge arrived in Oregon in the company of William in 1852.  Their mother died during the journey or before the journey was started.

Shortridge Park sign

Park monument
Sign at entrance of Shortridge Park which is located south of Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Monument inside Shortridge Park located near Cottage Grove, Oregon.  

Appearing below is a list of contents in the Oregon Shortridge history book.  Click on the links to open the relevant files:

    Title Page (click this link to view the title page through chapter six)
     I. Origins of Shortridge
     II. Earliest Known Shortridge Ancestors
    III. Our Shortridge Ancestors in America
    IV. Other Shortridge's in America
    V. The Migration to Kentucky  
    VI. From Kentucky to Indiana
    VII. Indiana to Iowa  (click this link to view chapters 07 through 12)
    VIII. The Journey to Oregon  
    IX. Other Overland Journeys 
    X. Biographical Sketches and News Reports  
    XI. Descendants of Caroline, James, and WW Shortridge 
    XII. Notes on the Oregon Shortridge Family
    XIII. Notes on Other Ancestors
    XIV. Photographs
    XV. Ahnentafel Chart from Lloyd Wayne Shortridge
    XVI. Pedigree Charts from Lloyd Wayne Shortridge (pdf file)
    Chapter References and Notes (includes List of Appendices)
    List of Appendices
    Appendix 1: Descendants of William Shortridge   (pdf file)
    Appendix 2: Descendants of Richard Shortridge   (pdf file)
    Appendix 3: Descendants of Andrew Shortridge   (pdf file)
    Appendix 4: Descendants of Samuel Shortridge   (pdf file)
    Appendix 5: Shortridge History by Franklin Boone Shortridge   (pdf file)
    Appendix 6: Muster Roll of George Rogers Clark expedition   (pdf file)
    Appendix 7: Data for the Drury and Bookwalter Families   (pdf file)

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