XIV.  Photographs

William Wallace Shortridge Family Reunion Photo, 1903
wws family photo
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William Wallace Shortridge Family Reunion Photo, 1903
wws family photo
This photo shows the immediate family of William Wallace Shortridge and Ellen Jane Keyes taken at a family reunion at the Shortridge Homestead at London, Oregon, in 1903.  Left to right, rear:  William Clarence Shortridge, Silas Sherman Shortridge, Mary Samantha Shortridge, Alonzo Wesley Shortridge, Gilbert Lane Shortridge, Samuel Perry Shortridge, Emily Lucinda Shortridge.  Left to right, front:  Lillie Serepta Shortridge, Lucie Ann Shortridge, William Wallace Shortridge, Ellen Jane (Keyes) Shortridge, Lester Ray Shortridge, Carry Francis Shortridge.

wws house
Spring 1915 photo of WWS homestead at London, Oregon.  In the car is Lester (“Bud”) Shortridge (front), William Wallace Shortridge (rear seat) and Ellen Jane Keyes (rear seat).

Caroline (Shortridge) Emmons Family Photo (1910)
caroline family
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wws sawmill
Dam at William Wallace Shortridge's sawmill.  Taken in 1896 on the William Wallace Shortridge ranch.  Pictured from left to Right:  Ed Adams, “Bud” (Lester) Shortridge, John Doak, Sherman Shortridge, and Ernest Wills.   Per Ernest:  The two women on the right might be Ann and Frankie Shortridge (sisters of Sherman and Lester).

'Lumber Mill of WW Shortridge—This establishment is located on the West Fork of the Coast Fork, ten miles south of Latham, and was completed April 6,1883.  It has a capacity of 12,000 feet per day and is supplied with the best machinery of the latest pattern.  The wood used being chiefly fir.  Mr Shortridge gives employment to seven men and owns 320 acres of land adjoining the mill.' (From: The Illustrated History of Lane Co, Oregon, 1884, A.G. Walling, Portland, OR., pg 495-6.)

dewald store
Dewald store in Cottage Grove, Oregon.  Photo appears to date from the early 1900's. 

dillard shortridge photo
Left to right:  Samuel Perry Shortridge, Walter B. Dillard, and Alonzo Westley Shortridge.   Photo probably taken in the 1940's.  The car appears to be a 1939 Dodge sedan.

silas cabin
Silas Sherman Shortridge in front of his cabin which he built when he was still a bachelor.   The chimney is made out of mud and sticks.  Photo c1900.

hcs and fannie silas shortridge
Mother and child photo of Fannie Maude (DeWald) Shortridge and Harold Clinton Shortridge.  Fannie DeWald was married to Silas Sherman Shortridge.  This photo was taken c1907. Silas Sherman Shortridge.  This photo is believed to be taken at his wedding to Fannie Maude DeWald in 1906.

harold and clifton
O. Clifton Shortridge (left) and Harold Clinton Shortridge, children of Silas Sherman Shortridge and Fannie Maude DeWald.  Taken c1912.  A sibling, Wilma Irene Shortridge, died in 1909 at 6 months of age.

hcs at work
Harold Clinton Shortridge on the job with an Oregon lumber production crew.  Harold is third from the right.  I don't know who are the others.  Estimated date of the photo is c1930 -1940s.

hcs and nettie
Nettie (Button) Shortridge and Harold Clinton Shortridge.  This is a wedding photo taken in 1931.

sam button
Samuel Page Button, born October 2, 1813 at Rutland, Vermont.   He was the fatther of Edward Dealy Button.   Photo c1860-1880.

button on logs
Edward Dealy Button on top of logs at Trout Creek, Montana.  At this time, Ed Button would have been about 51 years old.  Photo is c1910.

button 1922
Button Family, Summer 1922, Troutcreek, Montana;  Left to right:  Myrtle Gunther (child in doorway from a neighbor homesteader family), Sophia (Cornel) Button (seated), Edris Button, Sarah Caroline (Codding) Button (standing, holding child), Nettie Button (child in mothers arms), Edward Dealy Button (with dog), Samuel Edward Button, and Pearle Button. Nettie Button (young child in this photo)  married Harold Shortrridge.

sam button
Taken about 1889;  “Buff” Wylie, Gary Porter, Sam Button.   (Note:   This would be Samuel Edward Button, the father of Nettie Belle Button (Shortridge) during the time of his War service.)

codding fam
The Codding Family.  The original photo was labeled on the back with: “Nettie's Grandparents, Mother Sarah and Minnie”   Thus, (left to right): George Bradley Codding, Elmira (Mould) Codding, Sarah Caroline Codding, and Minnie M. Codding.  The identification of Minnie (and perhaps Sarah) is questionable because the age of the girl in the photo doesn't seem to match the presumed age of Minnie when the photo would have been taken (circa late 1800-early 1900).

george codding
George Bradley Codding.  Photo probably taken in the early 1900's.

button family
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willard shortridge
Francis Willard Shortridge, born Apr 25, 1907;  Willard was a son of Gilbert Lane Shortridge.  He was  killed-in-action  on Dec 18, 1944. Photo appears to have been taken in the 1940's when he was a member of the  3052 Engineers Combat Battalion.

harold nettie david
Harold Clinton Shortridge, Nettie Bell (Button) Shortridge and David Allen Shortridge.  Photo appears to have been taken in the 1960's.

shortridge four gen
Four-generation photo:  (left to right)  Lloyd Wayne Shortridge, Micah Shortridge, Randall Duane Shortridge, Randall Duane Shortridge Jr.   Photo taken in front of the Lloyd Shortridge home in North Bend, Oregon, June 2006.

tws and rds
Randall Duane Shortridge (on left) and Terry Wayne Shortridge.  Photo taken in front of Terry Shortridge home in Sweet Home Oregon, June 2006. 

tws fam
Left to right:   Randall Shortridge Jr., Micah Shortridge (child), Russell Shortridge (rear), Teresa (Ronson) Shortridge, Daniel Shortridge, Aimee Shortridge, Randall Shortridge (rear), Laura (Stewart) Shortridge, Alyssa Shortridge, Leslie (Williamson) Shortridge, Terry Shortridge, Steven Shortridge.  Photo taken in front of the Terry Shortridge home in Sweet Home, Oregon, June 2006. 

lws fam
Left to right:   Lloyd Wayne Shortridge, Beverly Ann (Metcalf) Shortridge, Randall Duane Shortridge, Aimee Beth Shortridge  Daniel Stewart Shortridge, Alyssa Dawn Shortridge, Russell Wayne Shortridge, Theresa (Ronson) Shortridge, Randall Duane Shortridge Jr.,and  Micah Shortridge.  Photo taken at the Lloyd Shortridge home at North Bend, Oregon, June 2006.