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Hi. I'm Judy Thurston and a soon to be retired employee of (Computing and Information Technology/Operational Support Services). I was the third shift operation's supervisor and will introduce you to the current third shift which currently consists of Brian and Bob.

Brian Phillips - Senior computer operator - 645-3531 - hrs mid - 8am
email: opnbvp@acsu.buffalo.edu
Robert Jackson - Computer operator - 645-3531 - hrs mid - 8am
email: opnbob@acsu.buffalo.edu

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Operations Procedures

Personal Information

History with UB

I have been with the university for 33 years now, originally located in the basement of Goodyear Hall on the Main Street Campus, then at the Interim Campus located at 4250 Ridge Lea Road, Amherst, and then our most recent move to the Amherst Campus which occurred in 1986. My career here started as a keypunch operator (remember those days of punched cards) on first shift and since then have worked all shifts and prefer my third shift. This shift affords me the opportunity to watch my soap operas Port Charles and General Hospital, spend time with my nephew Brandon and attend any classes I desire.


I have taken several courses at UB with no particular degree in mind, although I do have the Millard Fillmore College Certificate of Completion in Programming for Business Applications.

I have taken some courses at Bryant & Stratton Business Institute such as Lotus, Desktop Publishing with PageMaker etc.


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