UBRF2 Master Console Information

The UBRF2 master console is located on a PC located above the Sun Monarch and Reel Librarian console. This is a PC with 4 windows which is mainly used as the UBRF2 master console and as the UBRF alternate console window.

If a console window disappears, click on the icon of the console you need.

For the UBRF2 master console:

  1. Go to the VTAM window.
  2. Type MVS47.
  3. Logon Netview.
  4. Type STARTCON.

For the UBRF alternate console:

  1. Go to UBRF Netview.
  2. Type STARTCON.

Clear the screen on PC that you brought up. Screen should come up.

It is okay to type STARTCON again if screen does not come back.

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