CA7 Schedules for Bison (Library) Production Runs


There is a series of about a dozen jobs which run nightly after midnight and CICSL has been taken down. It is imperative to make sure that CICSL is completely down before releasing the first job of these runstreams. After the completion of this runstream, there is a series of Bison backups to be run.

Cartridge Handling

A few jobs will require scratch cartridges to be mounted. The first job of the night will require a special scratch cartridge or cartridges. This job is either ULSOS or ULSOSD. A special set of scratch cartridges starting with 999 is set up for these runs. The mount message will request the cartridge as UBLIBR instead of PRIVATE. These scratch cartridges are available in Bonnie's office and are rotated by the Bison staff to their tape storage area in Capen Hall. All the other runs requiring tapes will request tapes from our normal MVS library.


A job called Uledger will run on the 5th of every month. It is an independent job which can be released at any time as long as CICSL is down.

There is a different schedule id for each day of the week which starts the other library jobs since the schedule does vary slightly. The schedule ids and command to type on CA7 to see the current schedule is:


There is a detailed list of the above runstreams posted on the bulletin board in room 104D but that list should only be used to give a general idea of the runstream. Use the CA7 commands above for the current information.


If any jobs fail for any reason contact the Bison individual responsible for the run. Lee Liolios is responsible for ULSOS and ULSOSD and Mark Ludwig is the contact for all of the other UL runs. Be sure to make out a Remedy problem report.

Output Distribution

ULSOS and ULSOSD create a short listing which is picked up by the BISON staff along with the cartridges created. All the other output is sent to the HOLD queue on MVS and can be viewed using SDSF (System Display and Search Facility).

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