Administrative Skills


Contact Person
Karen Coffey
Associate Professor for EOC

  • Perform basic clerical functions
  • Adhere to ethical principles
  • Demonstrate initiative and responsibiltiy
  • Work as a team member
  • Manage time effectively
  • Prioritize and perform multiple tasks
  • Adapt to change
  • Enhance skills through continuing education
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Practice within the scope of education, training, and personal capabilities
  • Prepare and maintain medical records
  • Document accurately
  • Use appropriate guidelines when releasing information
  • Follow employer's established policies dealing with the health care contract
  • Comply with established risk management and safety procedures
  • Recognize professional credentialing criteria
  • Particpate in the development and maintenance of personnel, policy and procedure manuals
  • Treat all patients with compassion and empathy
  • Recognize and respect cultural diversity
  • Adapt communications to individual's abiltiy to understand
  • Use professional telephone technique
  • Use effective and correct verbal and written communications
  • Use medical terminology appropriately
  • Receive, organize, prioritize and transmit information
  • Serve as a liaison
  • Promote the practice through positive public relations
Source:  Medical Assistant Role Delineation Chart, (AAMA, 1997)

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