Dose Effects on Alcohol Expectancies

Read, J.P., & O'Connor, R.M. (under review) High and Low Dose Expectancies as Mediators of Personality Dimensions and Alcohol Involvement.


Development of a Comprehensive Measure of Alcohol Consequences in College Students

A substantial proportion of U.S. college students drink and experience significant consequent effects. Early detection of drinking consequences may help to reduce their short-term impact, and may prevent or ameliorate a progression toward long-term alcohol problems. Moreover, as changes in drinking behavior during college may be reflected across an array of life domains, fine-grained assessment of consequences will enable university administrators and other health professionals to monitor the success of intervention efforts. College students in the U.S. are a population unique in developmental life stage, culture, and environment. Alcohol use and subsequent consequences occurring during this life stage also are distinct, and measurement of these consequences must address the particular circumstances of the college ethos, and must query about experiences indicative of problem drinking for both men and women. This study was designed to develop and validate a multidimensional measure designed to capture a broad range of alcohol-related consequences experienced by male and female college students. To date, both long and short forms have been derived.

Kahler, C.W., Strong, D.R., & Read, J.P. (in press). Towards Efficient and Comprehensive Measurement of the Alcohol Problems Continuum in College Students: The Brief Young Adult Alcohol Consequences Questionnaire. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

Read, J.P., Kahler, C.W., Strong, D.R., & Colder, C.R. (under review). Development and Preliminary Validation of the Young Adult Alcohol Consequences Questionnaire.



University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Department of Psychology