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                                  ER Team





October 11, 2006



SUNY Address:      Director of Emergency Services
                   Department of Emergency Medicine
                   Erie County Medical Center
                   462 Grider Street
                   Buffalo, N.Y. 14215

Home Address:      36 Deer Run Court,  Williamsville, N.Y. 14221

Telephone:       (716) 898-4430 (O)
                         898-4432 (FAX)
                         689-4552 (H)


Undergraduate   B.A.-University of Virginia - Mathematics
May 1975           Charlottesville, Virginia  22901

Graduate           M.D.-University of Virginia School of Medicine
May 1979          Charlottesville, Virginia  22901

Internship and     Hospitals of the University Health Center of
Residency          Pittsburgh (Presbyterian-University Hospital,
1979-1982          Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) - Internal Medicine

Post Doctorate     Graduate School of Public Health-Biostatistics
Sept. 1989            University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  15260


CERTIFICATION          Actuarial Exams (Statistics) -  Parts I and II  - 1973
                   American Board of Internal Medicine -  Board Certified - 1982
                   American Board of Emergency Medicine - Board Certified - 1988, Recertified - 1997


Professional Experience

1982-1990          Attending, Division of Emergency Medicine - Allegheny General Hospital

1982-1985          Attending, Division of Emergency Medicine - Sewickley Valley Hospital

1983-1990          Attending, Dept. of Internal Medicine - Allegheny General Hospital

1990-Present       Director of Emergency Services - Erie County Medical Center

1992-Present       Attending, Dept. of Emergency Medicine - Buffalo General Hospital

1993-2002          Attending, Dept. of Internal Medicine -  Erie County Medical Center

1993-Present       Director of Stadium Emergency Medical Services - Buffalo Bills
                   Rich Stadium/Ralph Wilson Stadium, Orchard Park, N.Y.

Academic Experience
1988-1990          Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
                   Medical College of Pennsylvania - Allegheny
                   campus (recommended for advancement to
                   Associate Professor 4/90)

1990-Present      Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine - SUNY at Buffalo

1993-2002          Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine -  SUNY at Buffalo

1993-Present      Vice Chairman Dept. of Emergency Medicine -  SUNY at Buffalo

1994-Present       Clinical Adjunct Faculty, Physician Assistant Program,  D'Youville College


                   Haswell Walker Award
                   Joseph Collins Foundation Scholar
                   Outstanding Young Men of America
                   Raven Society
                   Recognition of Resident Teaching – Nov 1990
                   Chairman’s Teaching Award - 1998
                   Outstanding Mentor/Teaching Award- EM Residency Class of 1999
                   Pastoral Care Award - 1997
                   American College of Emergency Physicians
                        National Teaching Award – 2000
                   American College of Emergency Physicians
                        Emergency Ultrasound Award - 2001


1982-1993       American College of Physicians

1988-Present  American College of Emergency Physicians
                        New York ACEP -1991 – Present
                        Fellow - 1991 - Present
                        Board of NYACEP - 1999 - 2002
                          Education Committee – 1999 – 2005

1984-Present   Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, Technology Com/Interest Group 1989-1995
                         Chair - 1993-95, Ultrasound Interest Group - 1992-Present, Ad hoc ab rev. - 1995-Present

1990-2001       American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine, Ad Hoc Committee for Ultrasound in                                      Emergency Medicine - 1990, Membership Committee - 1991 to 1993

1991-1995          New York State Medical Society

1991-1995          Erie County Medical Society


1984-1986          Consulting Reviewer - Annals of Emergency Medicine
1986-1990          Comprehensive Medical Consultants - Consulting in Emergency Medicine

1989-1992          Consulting Reviewer - Annals of Emergency Medicine

1991-Present      Consulting Reviewer - American Journal of Emergency Medicine

1993-1996  National Institute of Health, Research Grant Review
                   Small Business Innovation and Research Program

1993-Present      Consulting Reviewer - Academic Emergency Medicine
                   Recognized as "Outstanding Reviewer" - 1995

1993-1996          Emergency Care Advisory Board - Matrx Medical

1994-1997          Board Examiner - American Board of Emergency Medicine

1995-1998          Trauma Site Surveyor - State of Illinois  

2006-Present      Trauma Site Surveyor - State of New York


1990-1995          Western New York Regional Poison Control - Medical Consultant
1990-1995          Western Regional Emergency Medical System - (WREMS) Medical Advisory Committee

1991               Wyoming Erie County EMS Council

1993-Present       Associate Medical Director, Prehospital Care, Erie County Medical Center

1994               Volunteer Physician, World University Games, Buffalo, New York

1996-Present  Volunteer Physician/Sponsor, Friends of the Night People Shelter,Buffalo, New York

1998-2000       UEMS Child Safety Seat Program

1998-Present   SMART Team - Specialized Medical Assistance Response Team – Co-Founder

2004                 Public Service Campaign – Buckle Up In The Back Seat

2004 Physician Preceptor – Students Without Boarders - Dominican Republic


Medical College of Pennsylvania

1988-1990          Clerkship Directors Committee
1989-1990          Faculty Student Advisor

1990               Ad Hoc Committee - MCP Educational Mission

State University of New York at Buffalo

1991-Present       Faculty Council

1991-Present       Faculty Preceptor 

1992-2002          Associate Residency Director of Emergency Medicine Residency

1994-1996          Faculty Advisor - Emergency Medicine Club

1996-1999       Committee (ad hoc) on Appointments and Promotions to Qualified Faculty Rank
                        Chairman - 1997-1998
2004-2007       Committee (ad hoc) on Appointments and Promotions to Clinical Ranks



Medical College of Pennsylvania

1987-1989     Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee - AGH

1990               Institutional Review Board - AGH

State University of New York at Buffalo

1990-Present       Emergency Services Committee - Chairman - ECMC

1991-2003          CPR Committee - ECMC, Chairman 1991-2003

1991-Present       Clinical Directors Committee - ECMC

1991-1992          Morbidity and Mortality Committee - ECMC

1991-Present       Executive Committee of the Medical Staff-ECMC

1992-Present       Credentials Committee - ECMC

1992-Present       Trauma Outreach Lecture Series - at hospitals and schools in Western New York

1992-Present       Trauma Advisory Committee - ECMC


Medical College of Pennsylvania

EM Residency       Bi-Monthly Attending Lectures and Bi-Lectures, Monthly M+M Conference for EM   Residency at Allegheny General Hospital 1982-1990, Emergency Medicine Director of Clinical Clerkship in Emergency Medicine at AGH 1985-1990             

State University of New York at Buffalo

EMR 802          Director of Medical Student Rotation EMR 802
1991-1994       Department of Emergency Medicine at ECMC  (802-E in Department of Surgery prior to 7/92)

EMR 800         Director of Medical Student Rotation EMR 800 1991-1994 in Department of EM at ECMC.

EMR 800 and 802   Coordinator - Emergency Medicine Evaluations 1994-1996, for Rotations at ECMC

EM Resident        Director of Resident Rotation in EM US Ultrasound Rotation, 1996-Present

EM Resident        Faculty Preceptor, Reading Group, 1996-2003

EM PA              Faculty Preceptor, Reading Group, 1997-Present



1984-1990          Emergency Medicine Research Program Director - Allegheny General Hospital

1991-1992          Research Director,  SUNY - Department of Emergency Medicine

1992-Present      Student Supervisor - EM Summer Research Program

 GRANTS     Protective Head Cooling During Cardiac Arrest, 1984-1985, ASRI. $10,000 Faculty Investigator

                   Transconjunctival Oxygen Monitoring as a Predictor Cardiac and Neurological Outcome
                   Following Resuscitation, 1984-1985, Orange Medical. $1,000 equipment - Principal Invest.

                   Cardiopulmonary Bypass for Prolonged Cardiac Arrest 1985-1986, ASRI, Bard ardiopulmonary.
                   $20,000 - Principal Investigator

                   Acoustic Otoscopy in the Diagnosis of Otitis Media, 1985-1986, Endeco Medical. $1,000, PI                      

                   Emergency Department Sonography by Emergency
                   Physicians, 1987-1990, Damon Corporation.
                   $12,000 equipment - Principal Investigator

                   Flumazenil in Benzodiazepine Overdoses
                   1989-1992, Roche. 1989 $34,300; 1991 $ 95,000
                   Principal Investigator

                   Hydroxocobalamin in Cyanide Overdoses
                   1989-1990, Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center - Contributing Investigator

                   Intravenous Sotalol for Supraventricular
                   Arrhythmias 1990, Bristol - Myers. $22,000
                   Principal Investigator

                   Nalmefene vs. Naloxone for Narcotic Overdoses
                   1990, Anaquest.  $18,000 - Principal Invest.

                   Emergency Department Sonography by Emergency
                   Physicians, 1991 Pie Medical  $35,000 loaned
                   equipment - Principal Investigator

                   Comparison of Neural Networks and TRISS methodology-predicting survival after trauma. 1992 Emergency Medicine Foundation seed grant - Contributing Investigator
                   Prospective analysis of occupational exposures to blood/body fluids in the prehospital setting. 1993, Research for Health in Erie County, Inc. $11,325 - Contributing Investigator

                 Comparison of fluoroscopy and radiography in the diagnosis of extremity fractures in the ED 1994, EMF/SAEM Student Grant. $2,400 - Contributing Investigator

                   Center for Transportation Injury Research - 1998-2005 - Joint project between UB Dept. of EM and Calspan (CUBRC) $2,000,000 per year -, Site Dir., Inv., and Board Member

                  Center for Transportation Injury Research – 2006-2009 - Joint project between UB Dept. of EM and Calspan (CUBRC) $1,200,000 per yr, Site Dir.r, Inv., and Board Member

                    Western New York Injury Control Research Center Application – PI - submitted Sept 1, 2006, $5,109,086 over 5 years              



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