Digital Media Center, School of Dental Medicine
260J Squire Hall
Hours: 9am - 3pm Daily and by appointment

William B. Vincent, Instructional Support Specialist
Jason J. Chwirut, Instructional Support Assistant

Dr. Joseph J. Zambon, Professor & Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Athena Tsembelis, Director of Academic Services

The Digital Media Center (DMC) is funded by the Office of the Dean to provide assistance to faculty in developing educational materials and research-related projects. Faculty needs will receive top priority. That is, our policy is "faculty first." Faculty projects will be completed in the order in which they are received as recorded on the service request form that faculty complete when dropping off work in Squire Hall Room 260J. Faculty will be given a projected completion date when dropping off work. For information on our the services offered, please see our Media Services page. For fair use policies, please see our Copyright & Fair Use page.

Postgraduate Residents/students will be assisted after faculty. This may mean longer waiting times depending on the number of faculty projects. DDS students must have a faculty sponsor to sign the project form, or will be directed to the Basement Computer Lab (assistance provided by the lab consultant/OIR), the Alan Gross Room in the basement of Squire Hall or, the Digital Media Resource Center in the Health Sciences Library.

If you, as a program director, graduate instructor or DDS course director, have a project that will require DMC assistance for your student(s), please contact Bill Vincent ( well in advance of the due date. We will continue to assist DDS students working with faculty in preparing presentations and posters for the ADEA, AADR / IADR, Student Research Day, and other meetings. Similarly, staff working on faculty projects should complete the project request forms in Room 260J. If there are large projects that are required by staff, please make an appointment with Bill Vincent to discuss the project.

Occasionally, the Center will be closed. Our advice is to call x2058 before going to the center to make sure someone will be there.

If you have suggestions how we may improve our services, please contact Athena Tsembelis or use the Contact Form on our Web Site. As part of our quality assurance, support staff check the quality of scan projects against the original. If you receive scans that need a higher level of quality than what has been provided, we want to know and we want to give you what you need.

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