Welcome to FANA!

The FANA Homepage in Bogotá.
Note: The FANA Homepage is no longer working. You can view an archived version of the site from 2001 by clicking here, and a translation to English by clicking here. Because this site is no longer operating, the archived version is obviously not up-to-date. A newer version of their website is under construction, and eventually will be found, apparently, by following this link: http://www.fana.org.co/. As of March 06, 2004, this link is not yet operational, however.

Photos from the 30th Anniversary!

Photos: Here are some photos my wife and I took of the FANA orphanage, May 2000.

Photos from the "old" FANA, 1988, from the Cohen Family homepage .

Where is FANA located? - Locate Suba on this map, just north of Bogota - FANA is located there.

  • An article about Mercedes being awarded Colombia's Woman of the Year (from the Presidencia de la República de Colombia web site, March 12, 2001), archived at http://web.archive.org/...
  • ...and an English translation (roughly) of that article

    ICBF, Bienestar Familiar, in English.

  • -- David L. Gilles-Thomas