30th Anniversary!

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The photos here were taken by the Cohen Family during FANA's 30th Anniversary weekend, in Bogotá, February 2002. They reflect the tour of FANA on 2/1/02, the horse show on 2/2/02, and the Mass and presentation of babies on 2/3/02.

festivities in the courtyard.jpg
Festivities in the courtyard
flagbearers in waiting.jpg
Flagbearers in waiting
grand finale.jpg
Grand finale
greetings from las madres.jpg
Greetings from las madres
los amigos in action.jpg
Los amigos in action
maria paulo in a carriage.jpg
Maria Paulo in a carriage
mercedes and her family.jpg
Mercedes and her family
mercedes, elena, alicia & baby enrique.jpg
Mercedes, Elena, Alicia & baby Enrique
new friends.jpg
New friends
paso fino horses and riders.jpg
Paso Fino horses and riders
returning fana kids.jpg
Returning FANA kids
sunday mass.jpg
Sunday Mass
the flag and balloons.jpg
The flag and balloons
the tour of fana.jpg
The tour of FANA
-- David L. Gilles-Thomas