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General Non-Fiction Writing
Style Manuals and Guides Children's Literature
Reference Tools Poetry
Fiction Writing Ideas and News Sources
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Writer's Digest Online. Very good starting place for anything for writers. Their Tip of the Day page and archives is handy.

The Writer. Along with WD, this is an essential magazine to read.

Writer's Guild of America. Web site. Everything for and about writers.

Bloomsbury Magazine Writer's Area. All sorts of materials and references, links.

Eclectic Writer. Articles, resources, newsletter, book announcements, etc.

Writer Beware page. Page of alerts and comments to warn authors of bad deals, scams, and recent problems with publishers, agents, etc. By the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. (SFWA), but the information is useful for all writers.

Writer's Net. "Writers, editors, agents, publishers." Current information and news, all sorts of resources, and links.

Writers Online Workshops. Courses by subscription but also some free stuff. From Writer's Digest.

Writer's Home. All sorts of resources and tools. Also includes opportunities for writers to post their resume on the Web.

Writer's Resource Center. Lots of articles on improving your writing, research skills, interview skills, and other techniques.

Writer's Tool Kit. Everything a writer needs: Reference tools, editor's tools, publishing information, tax-related links, and much more.

Writers Write page. Covers all aspects and genres with resources, links, publishing information.

Writing page. Articles on Writing. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. (SFWA). Covers writing in general.

Writing Center. (University of Wisconsin-Madison). Great site for all sorts of learning and help.

Writing Tips page. Short FAQ-style pages on various aspects of writing and publishing.

Writing With Writers. Practice and learn writing skills for most genres. Resources from Scholastic Books.

General Language/Linguistic Sites. List of links to basic and more advanced sites.

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Style Manuals and Guides

Bibliographic Formats and Descriptions (University of Houston Library). Covers the leading style manuals and offers brief descriptions for writers and researchers.

Citation Guides & Style Manuals. (Western Washington University Libraries). Quick guides to the main style manuals. Can offer brief, easy to read help on citation styles.

Chicago Manual of Style FAQ page. An online "update" to the 14th edition. You can search for specific questions on their browse search engine.

Chicago Manual of Style Form Guide for science materials, prepared by OSU Libraries.

Documentation page. General writing principles with examples, by University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center.

Chicago Manual of Style Documentation by Florida State University Libraries.

Footnote and Citation Style Guides. Lehigh University Library. Covers major fields of study and a variety of information.

Style Manuals and Writing Guides: Selected Sources. A list of the books and Web resources available.

Select List of Online Writing Centers. Links to many Online Writing Labs (OWLS).

Citing Electronic Information in History Papers by Maurice Crouse, Department of History, The University of Memphis. On citing e-resources, Web pages, etc.

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Reference Tools

Almanacs. Listing of online almanacs of various types. (McGill University).

Author's Almanac. A variety of tools for writers, including glossaries, entymologies, writing tips and skills, curious facts lists, lists of kings, reference links, and other.

Disasterium. Almanac of disasters. Categorized by type and date.

Internet Library for Librarians. All sorts of sources for the writer.

Literary Calendar. All sorts of resources and tools. Has an almanac and daily poems.

Merriam-Webster Online. The Language Center. Dictionary and Thesaurus online. Also has Word of the Day and lots of other reference items

AWAD: A Word a Day. Subscribe and you'll get a new word each weekday, plus a quote of the day. Archive by theme; Alphabetical Archive.

Rhyming Dictionary.

Thesauri (Grk = Treasure Houses)

Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus, Third Edition. 1995.

Roget's 1911 Thesaurus. For slightly older word usage.

Theaurus.com. Roget's.

Yahoo List of thesauri. Many of these are specific to fields and topics.

WriteTools: Editors' and Writers' Toolkit. All sorts of tools that any writer would want to have at hand.

Writer's Home. All sorts of resources and tools. Also includes opportunities for writers to post their resume on the Web.

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Fiction Writing

Fiction Factor: The Online Magazine for Writers. Resources, tips, articles, and links. Also has links to free e-books on writing.

Fiction Writer's Connection (FWC). All aspects of fiction writing and publishing. Many resources and links. Workshop listings, other.

Fiction Writer's Page. Brief summary of what you need to write and publish fiction.

Fiction Writing page. (Writer's Write). Resources, articles, links, and discussions.

Poets & Writers Online. (Poets & Writers, Inc.) Resources for creative writers. For both fiction and poetry writers.

e-Books & e-Journals

Career Plan for Fiction Writers. by Victory Crayne.

Word on Fiction. e-journal.

Science Fiction

SF Novelist.

Non-Fiction Writing

Links to resources, writing places, journals.

New Books on non-fiction writing. List from bookseller Powells.com.

Nonfiction Writing Message Board. Discussion board for conversing with other non-fiction writers.

Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO). Reviews of Video/Software Products.

Tips. a one-page FAQ.

Writer's Workshop by Stuart Miller. Teacher's resource from Scholastic Books.

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Children's Literature

Once Upon a Time . . . A Children's Literature Web Site

Once Upon a Time Magazine (OUAT). A journal for children's literature illustrators and writers.

Once Upon a Time is an "apa,"* or "amateur press association," sponsored by the Mythopoeic Society, devoted to Children's Fantasy literature. The O.E. [Official Editor] is Laura Krentz. The Mythopoeic Society also has a great wealth of materials on fantasy and mythology literature.

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Bard's Art Lesson Plans. A series of instructional lessons on various forms of poetry.

Epic and Narrative Poetry links.

HyperEpos: Epic on the Internet. Epic poetry resources and links.

Medieval European Narrative Poetry links.

Ploughshares: the Literary Journal of Emerson College.

WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary. Enter a word and get rhyming words.

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Ideas and News Sources

All Kinds of Writing. Samples of writing projects: Essays, narrative poems, other forms of writing.

Complete Works of William Shakespeare. MIT Web site. Good for reading and for getting some ideas.

Writer's Almanac (NPR radio show). Daily short broadcast on matters related to authors (e.g., birthdays), but also has good trivial information about events occurring on the day. Good for getting ideas.

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Dramatica Software. Producers of software for writing novels, books, and screenplays. Many Web sites devoted to getting the most out of these packages. Also sites with theory and additional help:

Ink Link Manuscript Management Software. "Writers write. And writing writers produce manuscripts, which must be managed. Their submissions need to be tracked and writing-related income and expenses have to be managed. Simple, powerful Ink Link lets you view or print a manuscript's submission history or see all submissions you made to a single market." This software may be useful for keeping your work organized. A demo download is available.

LifeJournal. Journal writing software that enriches the journal writing experience. With LifeJournal, you experience the same benefits from expressing thoughts, feelings, and creativity as you do in a traditional journal or diary. But with LifeJournal's innovative journal writing features and organization and search functions, you can: effortlessly maintain a searchable record of your entries, track progress towards your personal and professional goals, and gain insight and perspective. Also has demo to download. Site has links to journal writing resources.

Nisus Writer. Word processing and other writing software. Both products for purchase or free downloads of earlier versions. Online Compact Manual on using the product.

Storymind. Has resources for and sells many different writing software packages, including some for FREE!

Bibliographies of Writing Tools and Books

Books for writers and editors from the University of Chicago Press. List of books on writing by U of C press.

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