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Corcoran's Irish Legion
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Army of the Potomac

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Learn about an Irish regiment that was also a typical unit in the Union Army of the American Civil War.

Not Irish? Not a problem. If you are interested in the Civil War, that's what counts.

We welcome men, women, and children to consider this wonderful opportunity to journey through history.

Take a look at the 155th New York, its history, activities, and visit some of our friends. Then visit us in person.

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The 155th New York Volunteer Infantry: Brief History

Raised in September 1862, the 155th NYVI served with distinction until July 1865. Almost all of the men of the 155th were Irish; many of them had only come to America since the time of the Famine of 1846-47.

Assault ColumnThe 155th was raised as part of Michael Corcoran's "Irish Legion," a brigade containing the 155th, 164th (zouave), 170th, 175th, and 182nd New York Volunteers. Members of Companies "I" and "K" came from Buffalo, New York, and the 164th also contained Buffalo recruits. The regiment fought under both the flag of the United States, and a green, regimental color with Irish and New York state symbols.

The 155th's first fight was in January 1863 in Virginia, and over the next two and a half years, the regiment actively campaigned in the East. It served in a number of major battles, including the Siege of Suffolk, Virginia; Spotsylvania, North Anna, and Cold Harbor, where the regiment saw its heaviest losses. The 155th took part in the Siege of Petersburg, and fighting around that area, and it was part of the forces that chased the Army of Northern Virginia to its destiny, being present at the that force's surrender at Appomattox Court House.

Battle lines firing The unit mustered into United States service with 820 men; by July 1865, only 130 men were present at Lee's surrender at Appomattox, Virginia.
The 155th in battle reenctment 2002
camp sceneDuring the war, many 155th members also belonged to the Fenian Brotherhood. After the war, these veterans joined the 7th New York Regiment of the Irish Army of Liberation, which in June 1866, joined the Fenian invasion of Canada, fighting the Battle of Ridgeway, Ontario, and several smaller actions around Fort Erie. Though victorious on the field, the heavily outnumbered, and unsupported attempt to take control of Canada (to hold for the exchange for Irish independence from Great Britain), failed. The direct result of this skirmish was the granting of Canada's independence from England in 1867, while in the United States, the Fenian movement faced a rapid decline. 2016 Reenactment Info: Battle of Ridgeway/Fenian Raid.

The 155th New York Volunteer Infantry: The Present

Ladies of the 155thThe present reenactment regiment was formed in 1989, and now numbers around 120 members, including: soldiers, musicians, surgeons and medical staff, nurses, "sanitary commission" members, and civilian women, men, and children. Our organization portrays Company I, one of the Buffalo infantry companies. There is a place in our association for any Civil War era impression, from common worker, to photographer; from Irish immigrant, to town mayor. We encourage members to develop period personalities and interests, in order to demonstrate their skills before the public, and for their own satisfaction.

Class presentationsAlthough we are known for participation in large battle reenactments, our main activities focus on the local region. Members form color guards for veteran ceremonies and cemetery memorials. They also visit schools and local history societies making educational presentations, and are available for other similar activities as well.

We work to portray the lives of the men, women, and children who lived and experienced the Civil War era first-hand.

We are looking for a few good men and women to join us in our travels through time and history, and we invite you to come take a look. Read more about the 155th today. If you are interested in meeting us, seeing us in action, or in joining us, contact:

At High Tide 2008 Gettysburg space155th participants at Antietam NMB 2010

Captain David Bertuca
S-4748 Hunters Creek Road
East Aurora, NY 14052-9510
155th Mumford NY 2007

Past members of the Irish Volunteers and the Excelsior Mess of the State of New York

Current members of the
Army of the Ohio

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The 155th New York Volunteer Reenactment Regiment, Incorporated is a not-for-profit, Educational Corporation of the State of New York. Donations and contributions are tax-deductible.


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