Welcome to Colorworks.  Located on the South Shore of Lake Ontario, in a Niagara County village well known since the turn of the 19th century for its waterfront parks, boating, and art community, Colorworks offers one-of-a-kind hand built fiber constructions.

    My work is as much a colorful visualization as it is an expression of my love for the warmth of the touch of each piece.  In my workshop I initially place the pieces of the composition on an eight foot "easel".   Alone, each color can be either strong or subtle.  Together, they build their own relationships within the design I envisioned.  Yet I am often surprised by the unexpected -  where the piece takes me as I build towards its final form.

     Look through the pages ahead, and you will see bursts of color in what seem at first to be abstractions,  and then unfold in more familiar contexts.  Suitable for bedcovers, but often hung as wall pieces, my quilts are a generous 84" large.  Smaller pieces are favored for pillows or display as wall-hangings in more intimately sized  rooms.   Some of the newer techniques I am employing include fabric fusing, and some primitive pieces representative of that technique are illustrated ahead as are some figure constructions that I have adapted.

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