Grand Court Order of The Amaranth

State of New York

Grand Royal Matron H.L. Helen McInerny
Grand Royal Patron S.K. Henry Wagner


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Supreme Council Order of The Amaranth, Inc., has the Sovereign Jurisdiction over ALL GRAND and SUBORDINATE Courts.

Order of The Amaranth Continues Strong Support For Diabetes Research
The Order of the Amaranth, one of the oldest charitable, social, and fraternal organizations in existence. The group has long been recognized throughout the world for its philanthropic works. In 1996, the Order was awarded the Association's Charles H. Best Medal for Distinguished Service in the Cause of Diabetes.

Contents of this page include:
Grand Royal Matron's Itinerary 1998-1999.
Grand Court Officers.
Grand Court Session.
History of Amaranth.
Purpose of Organization.
Amaranth Courts in New York State
Past Living Grand Royal Matron and Patrons

Information on Membership In The Order of The Amaranth?

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Grand Court Order of The Amaranth
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