Educational Applets in Electrical Engineering

July 1996: A mirror site for the Applets on Semiconductor Microelectronic Devices is maintained at to which all future additions (of new applets) will be made.

Semiconductors and Microelectronic Devices 
Educational Applets developed by Prof.C.R.Wie, SUNYAB. He can be reached at; tel:(716)645-2422 ext.1211; or fax:(716)645-5964

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Some interesting educational applets (engineering)

Here are links to some very good educational applets in electrical engineering and in other disciplines.

In order to develop a good educational applet as a beginner in Java programming, we need to first understand some principles and learn basic GUI components.

Links to Java Websites

  • SUN Microsystem's Java site.
  • EarthWeb's Gamelan , a Java Directory.
  • JARS, Java applet rating service.

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