AlGaAs band diagram and E-K diagram

Use mouse to drag the (magenta-color) vertical line which initially coincides with the y-axis of the top diagram. This changes the composition of AlGaAs.

The electronic properties of the ternary-compound semiconductor, AlGaAs, depends on the composition. In this applet, we show a single information in three different ways. In the top diagram, the minimum energies of the conduction band valleys, the gamma-, L- and X-point valleys,are plotted as a function of the Al composition. The reference energy is the top of the valence band , which is at E = 0 eV. In the lower-left diagram, we show the E-K diagram, the three important conduction band valleys (G, L, and X) and the light-hole(lh) and heavy-hole(hh) bands in the K-space (reciprocal space). In the lower-right diagram, the conventional (simplified) energy band diagram is shown. As you change the composition by mouse-dragging the magenta vertical-line within the top diagram, note the respective energy positions of the G-, X-, and L-point conduction band valleys. The lowest of the three conduction band valleys defines the conduction band edge in the energy-band diagram.

Program implemented by Matthew C. Greenberg
Content, programming supervision, etc. by C. R. Wie