Semantic Structures in English and Atsugewi

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     00.  The Contents of this Paper
       0.  A Note on Atsugewi

Part I:  Theory

     1     The Translatory Situation
     2     The Translatory Situation in English: the Mm Verb
     3     The Translatory Situation in Atsugewi: the FM Verb (-Root)
     4     Theoretical Notes on the Sentence in English and Atsugewi
     5     Situation Types    
             5.1   The Adactive Situation   
             5.2   The Causative Situation  
             5.3   The Effective Situation   
             5.4   The Adventive Situation  
             5.5 Synopsis and Preview
      6     The Translatory Situation: the MDG Verb (-Root)
      7     The Translatory Situation: the FMDG Verb (-Root)
      8.    The Self Referencing Translatory Situation: : the fMDg Verb (-Root)                                     
      9     The Temporal Situation: the FM/fMDg Verb (-Root)                                                      

Appendix to Part I

     10.1    Motion/Location and Spatial Structures
     10.2    The D Satellite
     10.3    The MD Verb
     10.4    α-, β-, and γ-Order
     10.5    Types of Verbal Conflation

Part II: Lists of Atsugewi Core Prefixes

Part III: Exampls of Atsugewi Sentential-Verbs