Professor Ruth Meyerowitz

Ruth Meyerowitz
Ph.D., Columbia

I am currently a professor of American Studies in the Center for the Americas at SUNY at Buffalo.
My current interests are U.S. women's social and labor history, work and family, multicultural education and curriculum development at the graduate and undergraduate levels and for teachers grades 5-12. Recent teaching on comparative public policy focuses on issues of education , work , family, health care and reproductive choice in the U.S., Canada and Sweden, and pay equity, the living wage and women's community and labor activism. I also teach courses on the the experiences of women in the work force in working-class and professional jobs, the changes in women's work and family lives in the twentieth century, and in oral and social history. I participated in several grant funded projects to develop multicultural perspectives and curricula in American and women's history with teachers of grades 5-12.

My writing focuses on women who organized the auto workers' union in the 1930s and on women who became labor leaders during and after World War II. My new research focuses on community and labor coalitions organizing for living wages and pay equity. I am working on several projects exploring successful grassroots organizing in Buffalo, New York focusing on the living wage campaign, nurses and factory worker union organizing, efforts to implement pay equity in SUNY and on a pilot video tentatively titled "Grassroots Victories."