Rohini K. Srihari - Selected Invited Presentations


Knowledge Platform, Security and Rule of Law (KPSRL), Annual Conference 2019. Influential Actor’s Language & Violence: A Kenyan Case Study using AI, The Hague, October 2019.

Blockchain for Improving Supply Chain Resiliency International Blockchain Forum: Social Impacts and Applications, Lucerne, February 2019.

Dr. Srihari was invited by the US Embassy in Bern, Switzerland to give the above keynote as well as a talk to a leading technology incubator in Zurich. See


Data and Technology for Scalable Peacebuilding, Blockchain Summit, Washington, DC, June 2018.

Early Warning ot Social and Economic Disruption due to Volatility in Emerging Markets, PeaceTech Summit 2018, Washington, DC, May 2018.

Innovations in Engagement: How do Social Media and Mobile Apps Impact Rule of Law, Panel Discussion, JUSTRAC Symposium, United States Institute of Peace, Washington, DC, May 2018.

Data Storytelling for Peacebuilding: Opportunities and Challenges, Fragility Forum 2018, The World Bank, March 2018.

Early Warning of Social and Economic Disruption in Emerging Markets and Fragile States, J7 Joint Staff 2018 Integration and Exercise Workshop, Washington, DC, February 2018.


Leveraging Technology to Change the World for the Better (Panel), Power of Intelligent Things: Promise for Social Good, Booz Allen Hamilton Innovation Center, Washington, DC, September 2017.

AI for Social Change, Data for Social Change II Workshop, Washington, DC, June 2017.


University at Buffalo, Digital Scholarship Week (Digital Scholarship and Cultures and the Humanities Institute) The Internet of Me: Personalized Information Feeds, February 2016.


Infer Demographics from Social Data Sentiment Analysis Symposium, New York, NY, July 2015.

Internet of Me: Understanding Human Behaviour for Personalized Services University of Mysore Golden Jubilee Summit, Mysore, India, June 2015.

Dinner Remarks GDI Hacks (All-Women Hackathon), Buffalo, NY, January 2015.

Startup Grind Interview with Eben Piazza, Buffalo, NY, January 2015.


Being an Enterpreneur IndusTree CXO Powertalks: MYRA School of Business, Mysore, India, January 2014.


Multilingual Text Mining: Lost in Translation, Found in Native Language Mining University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, August 2012.


Technology Insider's Panel Seventh Annual Text Analytics Summit, Boston, MA, May 2011.

Multilingual Text Mining, LinkedIn, San Jose, CA, February 2011.

Multilingual Text Mining, Telcordia, Piscataway, NJ, February 2011

Bullets and Blogs GWU-USIP-Stanford Conference on New Media and Politics, Palo Alto, CA, February 2011


Social Media Analytics: the Value Proposition KDD Workshop on Social Media Analytics, Washington DC, August 2010.

Social Media Analytics UB Summer Series Lecture, Buffalo, NY, August 2010.

Extracting Intelligence from Social Media First Conference of Women in Computing in India, Amrita University, Coimbatore, India, September 16, 2010.