Kenneth DeMarree

Ken earned his Bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Rochester and his M​.​A​.​ and Ph.D. in social psychology from Ohio State University, working with Richard Petty. After 5 years at Texas Tech University, he joined the psychology department at the University at Buffalo, where he is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology. His work examines metacognitive factors that operate across a wide array of human social behavior. This includes projects in the domains of attitudes and persuasion, self and self-regulation, judgment and decision making, and mental health. In his spare time, Ken enjoys yoga, hiking, biking, travel, cooking, and brewing beer. For his full cv, see here.

Ji Xia

Ji is originally from China, and received his B.S. (in 2013) and M.S. (in 2016) degrees from the University of Iowa. ​ ​Ji's research primarily focuses on attitude change and persuasion. Specifically, he's interested in motivational factors that hold the potential to influence how people react to persuasive information as well as how they perceive their own thought reactions (metacognition) and subsequently, how those processes could affect the ways people form/change their attitudes .

Yahui Chang

Yahui received her Bachelor’s degree in Public Finance from the National Chengchi University, and her Master’s degrees in Psychology from NYU and in Marketing from the University of Kansas. Yahui’s research interests revolve around attitudes and the self. More specifically, she focuses on the motivational and cognitive mechanisms of how people process persuasive messages and how the self and identity play their roles here.

Former Lab Members

Jennifer Weng, Ph.D. (2021), currently at American Psychological Association

Abby Giancola, M.A. (2020), currently at Research Narrative

David Khaydatov, Honors Thesis (2018), Currently at Tebra

Miranda Bobrowski, M.A.

Cory Clark, Ph.D. (2014-2016 postdoc), Adversarial Collaboration Project, University at Pennsylvania

Cory Davenport, Ph.D. (2013), currently at Leidos

Jonathan Statzer, Ph.D. (2015)

Miles Condon, M.A. (2013), currently at St. Norbert College

Frequent Collaborators

Guy Itzchakov, University of Haifa

Kristin Naragon-Gainey, University of Western Australia

Richard Petty, Ohio State University

Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Kimberly Rios, Ohio University

Christian Wheeler, Stanford University

Jennifer Lodi-Smith, Canisius College

Lab Pictures

2023 Western NY Psychology Undergraduate Conference (L to R: Matt Preisigke, Brad Castiglia, Ken DeMarree, Angelia Venezia, Emily Sutton, Taylor Lee)

2015 Escape Room Success (L to R: Brian Lanza, Ruo Shan Weng, Tommy Saltsman, Ji Xia, Lauren Ministero, Miranda Bobrowski, Ken DeMarree)