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Optical lattice
Nucleus and electrons


In the fall of 2022, I joined the faculty of the  Department of Physics at the University at Buffalo.

My research falls under the large umbrella of Theoretical/Computational Condensed Matter Physics. Research interests include correlated systems in and out of equilibrium as well as the control of quantum emitters and spin systems for quantum information processing. I have particularly been interested in high temperature superconductivity, ultracold atoms in optical lattices, the dynamics of field-driven quantum systems and the dynamics of quantum emitters in the solid state that are prime candidate for qubits in Quantum Information Processing. Interesting research questions often arise beyond the scope of analytical solutions and require computational approaches. They increasingly blur dividing lines and fall at the intersection of different subfields of Physics such as Condensed Matter, AMO (Atomic Molecular and Optical) Physics, Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Science. The variety of these questions and their relevance for the technologies of the future make it a fascinating time to be a theoretical physicist.

On this page you will find information about me and about my research group. You will also find some information related to my teaching activities. Included on the CV page, you will find a list of publications with links to download them.

Interested in our research or in our group? Please reach out with any questions.

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