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Volume 37

Research in Political Economy, Paul Zarembka, series editor

Volume 37:
edited by Jan Toporowski, SOAS, University of London, U.K.

In this 37th issue of the Research in Political Economy series, Jan Toporowski and leading experts offer a unique and insightful overview of Polish Marxism after Luxemburg, serving as an introduction to some key themes and the ideas of several Polish political economists.

Polish Marxism after Luxemburg covers various ideas that emerged around the same period as Rosa Luxemburg was active, such as Ludwik Krzywicki who pioneered the study of monopoly finance capital and suggested the possibility of industrial feudalism. Chapters illustrate the current relevance of these thinkers and highlight the development from Polish Marxism of Michal Kalecki and Oskar Lange, who went on to become one of the founders of what came to be called the Keynesian Revolution in macroeconomics and economic policy. After exploring the relationship of Kalecki to Marxism, through the work of Luxemburg. Polish Marxism after Luxemburg also illuminates a selection of Polish discussions in the political economy from the second half of the twentieth century, particularly in the circle of political economists around Oskar Lange, like Wlodzimierz Brus and Tadeusz Kowalik.

Introduction: Rosa Luxemburg and Polish Marxism
Jan Toporowski

Rosa Luxemburg and Say’s Law
Andrew B. Trigg

Henryk Grossman's Revolutionary Marxism
Rick Kuhn

Industrial Feudalism and American Capitalism
Jan Toporowski

Industrial Feudalism and the Distribution of Wealth
Hanna Szymborska and Jan Toporowski

Polish Marxism: Kalecki
Joseph Halevi and Peter Kriesler

Rosa Luxemburg and Michał Kalecki: A Marxian View
Riccardo Bellofiore

Marxian and Monetary Aspects of Kalecki
Jan Toporowski

Are Kalecki's ‘Marxian Reproduction Schemes’ Really Marxian?
Gabriele Pastrello

Between Anti-Bureaucratism and Technocratic Democratisation: Was Oskar Lange's Socialist Theory Tightrope Walking?
Roberto Lampa

Włodzimierz Brus and the Law of Value Under Socialism
Jan Toporowski

Oskar Lange and Tadeusz Kowalik on the Bourgeois Revolutions in Twentieth-Century Poland: A Note on Two Papers
Grzegorz Konat

Capital in Crisis: Tadeusz Kowalik on the Birth and Development of Capitalism
Daniele Tori

False Dawns: The Failed Crucial Reforms of Capitalism and Socialism
Gavin Rae

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