The 124th Annual Johnson Family Reunion
An annual gathering of the descendants of Obadiah and Daniel Johnson

was held
Sunday, August 12, 2018
The next reunion
will be
Sunday, August 11, 2019
Meeting at 12:30 PM, dinner to follow.
Your host: Mrs. Stephanie Ryan
Kool-Aid and coffee will be provided.
Please bring a dish to pass and table service for your family.
We will also have our White Elephant Sale, so bring your trash and treasures.
We would like to see more peopple help with the running of the reunion, such as: Auction, Donations, and 50/50.
Alvin will be taking "sizes only" on T-Shirts for the 125th reunion. Send Alvin Fish a note (PO Box 302, Waterford, PA, 16441) if you didn't make it to the reunion this year.
The shirts will be approx. $10-$12 each, with 2XL $1 more and 3XL $2 more. As of now, the shirts will be the same as the 100th Anniversary shirts (design in the background of this page) except the lettering will be in white and will have "125th" on them.
An updated Johnson history/genealogy book is being planned. To keep costs down, there will not be sheet protectors this time, and the pages will be printed double-sided. Let Alvin know if you are interested in a copy.
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