NASA's Undergraduate Summer Internship

Program Information

NASA's Goals

NASA's current vision for space exploration can be summarized as:

• to improve life here;

• to extend life to there; and

• to find life beyond.


NASA's mission for reaching these goals include:

• to understand and protect our home planet;

• to explore the Universe and search for life; and

• to inspire the next generation of explorers,

--as only NASA can.


You are eligible if:

  • you have not previously participated in PGGURP.
  • you are in the college or university graduating class of 2020 (or earlier), and have not yet begun graduate studies.
  • you are interested in learning about research in planetary geoscience.

Preference given to U.S. Citizens and permanent residents.

Financial Awards

We pay for your travel to and from the host institution.

We pay for your housing while you're at the host institution.

We pay a cost-of-living stipend ($250/week for 8 weeks).


We also pay up to $1000 for you to present the results of your research at a national conference.


Students are selected on the basis of their:

  1. academic record
  2. personal statement
  3. academic letters of reference

And by the:

- skill sets requested by the NASA mentor.


The selection committee meets in Feburary. Students will be notified in late February, and should respond within 2 days of receiving our offer.


Page last updated 25 October 2016