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Do You Want to Present Your PGGURP Work at a National Conference? Follow these steps.  
  1. Contact your mentor and discuss the possibility of your presenting this PGGURP work at a conference.

  2. Write and submit the abstract to the conference. Commonly, PGGURP interns elect to present at the Geological Society of America Fall Meeting, the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, or the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

  3. Email a copy of the accepted abstract to Dr. Tracy Gregg, explaining why it's appropriate for you to attend this conference, and whether your mentor will be able to pay for any portion of your trip.

  4. Note that if PGGURP will be paying for your airplane tickets, you need to purchase them through our travel office at the University at Buffalo. Other expenses can be reimbursed after the conference.

  5. We can cover up to $1000 of your conference expenses.

  6. As always, contact Dr. Gregg or Ms. Wagner if you have questions.


Program director

Dr. Tracy K.P. Gregg

411 Cooke Hall

Department of Geology

University at Buffalo

Buffalo, NY 14260


email: tgregg"at"

phone: (716) 645 - 4328

fax: (716) 645 - 3999



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