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A nonprofit group working for Literacy and Housing

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GURUKUL is an organization that was founded by a group of students, here in Buffalo in 1990. Gurukul's focus is on education, since literacy is indispensable for independence and self-sufficiency in this world today. The group's activities include searching for methods by which appropriate technology can be applied in a rural setting. Gurukul is specifically concerned with the promotion of rural education efforts in India (and in the third world in general).

Permanent housing in rural areas is uncommon. Seeing that a pukka house was necessary for a family living in rural areas to feel 'settled' and to make long term plans (education, employment, self-dependence), Gurukul got involved in Housing projects. The dome house in the picture is one attempt at finding Low Cost Housing alternatives. (Any related information you may have is very welcome.)

Gurukul is a registered, non-profit organization. GURUKUL-Buffalo, the first chapter of GURUKUL was started in the fall of 1990.

Gurukul is not very active any more due to the exodus of most volunteers from the Buffalo area. However, Gurukul volunteers are involved in various social and developmental organizations wherever they have re-located. If you wish to contact Gurukul here's the Address

Gurukul volunteers building a replica of the dome house in Buffalo, NY. The dome house is being developed in India as a possible Low Cost Permanent Housing option in rural areas.

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