Peter A. Rogerson

Department of Geography
Wilkeson Hall
University at
Buffalo, NY 14261
(716) 645-2722 ext. 53

I am Professor of Geography and Biostatistics at the University at Buffalo.  My research interests are in the area of demography and population change, epidemiology, spatial statistics, and spatial analysis.  My current work is focused upon the development of new methods for the quick detection of newly emergent clusters in geographic data (for example, how does one determine as quickly as possible whether there is a new cluster of crime or disease?).

Recent Books

    Statistical Methods for Geography, 2nd ed. (Errata)

    Statistical Detection and Surveillance of Geographic Clusters (with Ikuho Yamada); CRC Press. 2009.

    Handbook of Spatial Analysis (co-edited with Stewart Fotherngham); Sage Publications. 2009

List of publications reprints are available for selected publications

GeoSurveillance: Software for Monitoring Change in Geographic Patterns

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