Errata for 2nd edition

(These will be corrected in the third edition, which is expected in late 2009.)


Errors are divided into three categories – (i) those affecting equations and calculations, and errors of fact and (ii) typos that do not affect equations, calculations, etc., and those that are not errors of fact, and (iii) changes that might remove ambiguity, improve clarity, etc.



p. 10, 1st line after equation: should be 33 (not .33)

p. 25, Figure 2.2, The median line through the grey box is missing.

p. 35, line 2: The “s” in the denominator under the square root sign should be squared.

p. 38, 2nd line of list item no. 4: The letter “a ” should be changed to the Greek letter alpha.

p. 48, Table 3.2: the item in the 4th row, second column should be 0111 (3), instead of 0011(2).

p. 72, eq. 4.3: Sigma, in the denominator, should not be squared.

p. 75, line 5: change 1.26 to 1.25.

p.84, line 3: change “previous chapter” to “Chapter 1”

p. 87, eq 4.17: change 0.297 to 0.247

p. 91, Q2: should read “with mean $100,000”

p. 91, Q7: Delete the word “mean” in the second line.  Also, change “residences” to “residence” in the first line.

p. 97, immediately after eq. 5.5: Change 0.074 to 0.145.  Change 0.370 to 0.299. Change 0.518 to 0.589.

p. 103, line 2: change 0.27 to 0.265.  Lines 4- 5: change “about 27%” to “26.5%”

p. 108, figure 5.5: The shaded area is divided into two sections.  The section on the left should not be shaded.

p. 130, table: change 16.67 to 16.76 and change 20.57 to 18.17

p. 134, eq 6.3: For TSS and WSS, the double summations should both be from j (for the outer summation) and from i (for the inner summation) and not the other way around.

p. 137, line 9: 16.69 should be squared

p. 137, last 3 lines before section 6.2.2: 4801.625 should be 4801.63

p. 141, three lines before section 6.7.1: “greater” should be “less”.  Same comment applies to next line.

p. 142, Table 6.8: “>” sign should be “greater than or equal” sign.  Also, the “less than or equal” sign should be “<”.

p. 163 There are a few minor issues associated with the illustration of Spearman’s coefficient, including typos in Table 7.3.  This will be corrected in the third ed.

p. 172, eq. 8.3: the “e” should have a subscript of “i”.

p. 181, e q. 8.26: the right-hand side should have a square-root sign around it.

p. 190, 7a: delete the word “two”, and change “coefficients” to “coefficient”

p. 191, 9: Assume the sample size is n=30.

p. 220, Q7, 1st table: Under “df”, change 2 to 3.

p. 221, Q9, line 1: should read “number of native species”

p. 226, line before the boxed example: exchange the words “clustering” and “uniformity”

p. 230, eq. 10.12: the Greek “lamda” should be a Greek “rho” (as in, e.g., eq. 10.8).

p. 231, 4th line before section 10.3: change 9500th to 500th

p. 234, line 2: change 1 to 4.

p. 254, Table 11.3: change 530 to 5.30

p. 267, Table 12.5, first panel.  Cluster 1: The third entry should be -.55645 (and not .58645); Cluster 2: The first entry should be .58646 (and not -.58646).

p. 291, line 3: should be “500” instead of “510”

p. 292, 2 lines were truncated from the table:


                2              20            100          10

                3              30            20            100



(ii) Typos


p. 13, penultimate line: change “as” to “at”

p. 24, Title in Table 2.1: “individuals” is misspelled.

p. 66, Q. 20: Change “die” to “dies”

p. 89, 6 lines from bottom: Change “At” to “An”

p. 141, 1st line after eq. 6.9: observation should be observations

p. 160, line before eq. 7.5: “a” should be the Greek letter “alpha”

p. 173, figure 8.2: One of the two lines (either one) should be labeled y=a+bx

p. 202, figure 9.2 caption should be: Galapagos Islands

p. 252, Table 11.2, last panel: Change “LOSTSIZE” to “LOTSIZE”



(iii) Removing ambiguity, improving clarity


p. 64, Q.4b: change “three” to “exactly three”; change “five” to “out of five”.

p. 64, Q.10a.: Change “one” to “exactly one”

p. 65, 13b: change “area” to “area next month”

p. 66, Q. 22: Change 0.3 to 0.7.  Change “lasting” to “failing”

p. 70, 3 lines below eq 4.1: delete “width or”

p. 112, figure 5.8: The figure should have 10 points, and not 11.

p. 145, Table 6.7,  title change, from “95th percentile of F” to “95th percentile of simulated F values”.  Also change “tabled value of F” to “tabled value of F=2.77”  This latter change also applies to Table 6.8.

p. 154, four lines after eq. 7.1: change “dotted lines” to “axes”

p. 157, line 3 of section 7.2.1 should read “ ..the supply of people will be large, relative to the number of job and housing opportunities available.”

p. 177, line 5: change “means” to “mean”.

p. 178, lines 5-6: add “in y” after “variability”.

p. 235, after eq. 20: add “where E[I] and V[I] denote, respectively, the expected value (i.e., mean) and variance of I, when the null hypothesis of no spatial pattern is true.”

p. 281: degrees of freedom could be written across the top, t-values are along the side