Links to NFI expression vectors

Below are links to files containing the raw sequence data (.seq) and maps of the NFI expression vectors distributed from our lab. Please let me know if you find any differences from these sequences or maps in your analyses.  The parent pCMV vector is from MacGregor and Caskey (1989) Nucl. Acids. Res. 17: 2365 and we deleted the beta-gal gene.

pCHNFI-A1.1.seq  Expresses NFI-A1.1 protein

pCHNFI-A2.seq  Expresses NFI-A4 protein

pCHNFI-B2.seq  Expresses NFI-B2 protein

pCHNFI-C2.seq  Expresses NFI-C2 protein

pCHNFI-X2.seq  Expresses NFI-X2 protein

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