About Us

General Lab Information

The facilities of Petrou lab are primarily located on the third floor of Fronczak Hall at North Campus of the State University of New York, University at Buffalo in Amherst, NY.

Mailing Address

239 Fronczak Hall, Amherst, NY 14260


Current Students

Tenzin Norden (PhD)

Peiyao Zhang (PhD)

Arman Najafi (PhD)

Arinjoy Bhattacharya (PhD)

Wei Zou (Visiting Graduate Student from Nanjing Tech University)

Nicholas Jerla (Undergraduate Student)

Former Postdoctoral Associates

Mesut Yasar, 2007 - 2008

Manuel Diaz-Avila, 2006 - 2007

Former PhD Students

Thomas Scrace - 2016

  • "Magnetospectroscopy on WS2 Single Layer Crystals."

Yu Tsung Tsai - 2015

  • "Study of GaInNAs Epilayers Using Optical Methods."

Biplob Barman - 2015

  • "Magnetic Polarons in (Zn,Mn)Se/ZnTe and ZnSe/(Zn,Mn)Te quantum dots."

Lars Schweidenback - 2013

  • "Efficient injection of spin-polarized electrons from MnAs contacts into AlGaAs/GaAs spin LEDs."

Andreas Russ - 2012

  • "Magneto-optical studies of quantum dots."

Tariq Ali - 2011

  • "Magneto-Optical Studies of InGaAs Quantum Wells and Devices used for Spintronics Applications."

Imran Khan - 2009

  • "Magneto-optical studies of III-V and II-VI nanostructures."

Mesut Yasar - 2006

  • "Spin injection studies from ferromagnetic contacts into indium arsenide quantum dots."

Robert Mallory - 2006

  • "Injection of Spin Polarized Electrons from Fe and CdCr2Se4 Ferromagnetic Contacts into GaAs Quantum Well Heterostructures ."

Grigorios Itskos - 2003

  • "Studies of spin-polarized electrons in GaAs-based quantum well LEDs."

Hai-Du Cheong - 2000

  • "Magneto-Optical Studies of GaAs-Based Quantum Well Structures."

George Kioseoglou - 1999

  • "Spectroscopic studies of electronic states in semiconductor heterostructures."

Jens Haetty - 1998

  • "Magneto-optical studies of GaAs/AlAs and AlxGa(1-x)As/AlAs heterostructures."

Steven Stoltz - 1998

  • "Optical Investigations of ZnTe/CdSe Quantum Wells."

Michael Salib - 1998

  • "Two-dimensional electrons confined in magnetic quantum wells."

Wen-Yuh Yu - 1996

  • "Magneto-optical studies of ZnSe-based magnetic heterostructures."

Shyh-Tzong Lee - 1996

  • "Optical studies of (Al,Ga)As/AlAs quantum wells and related structures."

Luk Pui Fu - 1993

  • "Optical studies of confinement effects in semiconductor nanostructures."

Thomas Schmiedel - 1993

  • "Optical studies of GaAs-based quantum well structures."

Wu-Ching Chou - 1992

  • "Magneto-optical spectroscopy in diluted magnetic semiconductor-based quantum well structures."

Xichun Liu - 1991

  • "Optical studies of strained-layer-superlattices and diluted magnetic semiconductors."

Former MS Students

Gail Waytena

Peter Strauss

Gunther Mackh

Andreas Hock

Frank Goschenhoffer

Shafiqul Islam

Cehui Li

Mohsen Faghih-Nasiri

Jens Haetty

Albrecht Pfeil

Astrid Vierheiling

Andreas Nickel

Terrence Randell

Klaus Flock

Former Undergraduate Students

Matthew Gorfein, Physics BS 2013, currently at Florida State University.

Dave Elsaesser, Physics BS 2011, currently at RPI.

Nathanial Feldberg, Physics BS 2009, currently at Institut Jean Lamour.