Michele Ryan Bewley

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This UBlearns course is designed for instructors who want to learn how to use the Blackboard on UBlearns course management system as an effective organizational and communication tool to enhance teaching and learning. Interaction among the UB community is highly encouraged to determine the best
ways to use UBlearns. This collaborative environment allows instructors to share their knowledge and research regarding the effective use of course management tools.

This learning community hopes to inspire engaging and practical discussions regarding effective course design using UBlearns.


Activities include:

Practical skills assistance include:

Course Objective

To introduce a variety of methods relating to the effective use of UBlearns. You will develop an understanding of how to create an online component for your class through interaction with a UBlearns course site.

Course schedule

You can progress through this course in a linear manner, or sections can be accessed as needs arise. The course should be completed on a schedule that meets each individual’s needs.


Participation in this course is voluntary. Throughout this course there are many opportunities self-reflection and to seek out critiques from peers regarding your use of UBlearns. A rubric that defines the qualities of a well-designed UBlearns site will evolve over time as a result of discussions among participants in this course.

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