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Why am I doing this?

    As a Lifelong Learner myself, I have always had an interest in understanding what it is that encourages adults to continue learning in a formal way, and what factors might make them different from the "typical" college student: What motivates them? How do we keep their interest? Do they have different learning styles?  In the "Dark Ages" before widespread availability of computers, I kept a file of articles from various Journals and Periodicals, as well as attending conferences and workshops to keep my knowledge up-to-date.

    With the arrival of a computer on my desktop, I began to do web searches and collect bookmarks of web sites, journals and articles that, like Topsy, just grew and grew!

    When I was assigned to the MFC Distance Learning Team as Program Advisor, I found a need for information in more new areas related to the uses of technology in education.  The result has been a "Favorites" file with literally hundreds of entries whose organization is strictly alphabetical.

    Now I find myself with the opportunity to "begin to commence to start to think about" organizing my collection. It is, admittedly,  somewhat biased  -- if it interests me, I save it for future reference. This in no way makes me an expert -- more of an "IT Trivia Maven", really.

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