Especially for Adult Learners

Work, family, school and personal interests . . . It's not always easy to juggle the responsibilities of adult life!  Check out these articles and web sites for information that just might give you some helpful insights.

Back to College Resources for Re-Entry Students

This is an outstanding site for adult students, with links to just about everything -- financial aid information, scholarships, dictionaries and encyclopedias, style manuals. . . even free or nearly free software for downloading. There are articles by and about returning adult students, and about adult and distance education. I give this one five stars! Definitely one to save in your favorites/bookmarks folder.'s Adult and Continuing Education Page
This site has some links of interest that were not found on on the back2college site, but it is not quite as easy to navigate, and has more intrusive advertising. Still, it is worth a visit and a bookmark.

Learning Styles Inventories

Do you know how you learn best? Do you remember things better if you see them. . . hear them. . . or participate actively in discussing them or actually handling them? Perhaps you will find that you do best with a balanced offering of all three!
Here are a few on-line inventories that you can take and have your scores presented right away, along with information on just what that score means.

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire - Richard Felder and Barbara Soloman

A Learning Style Survey for College - Catherine Jester

Back to School -- A Guide for Returning Students

College Planning Network (CPN) receives daily confirmation that higher education is a life-long experience. With over 50 percent of the students in college today over the age of 24, adults are returning to higher education as never before. The calls, visits and letters received by CPN from adults, show that while interest in going back to school is high, information to assist in the process is complicated, confusing and often hard to find.

Study Skills Resources

This site provides an outline of important study skills, and links to skill-specific pages that can help you learn to "study smarter". It also includes links to specific tips for studying for specific subject areas.

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