Karin Michelson

Karin Michelson


University at Buffalo

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    Office: 603 Baldy Hall

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The focus of my research is on Oneida and Mohawk, two Northern Iroquoian languages. For the last forty years I have been describing and documenting them, recording what speakers think is important and relevant (and sometimes funny and playful), and delving into the grammar and exploring how (or what) meanings are expressed with the aim of establishing how these languages are special even as they share features with other languages.

The late Norma Kennedy and me in 2002, at a celebration of the publication of the Oneida-English, English-Oneida Dictionary.
With Olive Elm and the late Joan Doxtator in 2002. The late Leslie Elm, Olive’s husband, was a great advocate for anything to do with the Oneida language. Joan was Norma’s sister and throughout the years supported our work together.