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CollegeVote.com, is a web-based online voting software and election system that enables your students and students to easily and quickly vote online or perform online course evaluations in your university's elections and course evaluations. CollegeVote.com is a turnkey, secure, and cost-effective voting solution that can motivate your students and students and reduce your organization's election budget. Our solution is ideal for any union, association, society, credit union, corporation or educational organization. CollegeVote.com can power elections for the board of directors and leadership positions, bylaw changes, student government, pensions, contract ratifications, etc. With CollegeVote.com's system, designed by Onlinecourseevaluations.com you can:
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- Unless e-learning is mandatory, using basic marketing techniques to attract and retain users is critical to ensuring e-learning's success in your organization. For example, you must introduce the new e-learning program to the organization (the launch) promote it and register initial users (internal marketing) develop ways to maintain and increase usage over time (maintenance marketing). Simple marketing and promotion techniques can contribute substantially to the success of your e-learning initiative, especially in increasing and maintaining employee participation. Consider how the following techniques could be used in your organization to increase the use of e-learning. Integrate online courses into employee development plans and performance improvement initiatives. Incorporating e-learning into a structured process can be helpful--and easy--for managers and supervisors, who can offer suggestions for personal development activities at performance reviews or annual goal-setting meetings. Another advantage: Online learning is trackable, measurable, and time-specific. Hold brown bag lunches or bring in pizza while conducting a short seminar for managers, supervisors, and HRD professionals on how to incorporate e-learning into their own development plans, and how they can use it in employee development and performance improvement. Show the attendees how e-learning can be integrated into developing, coaching, and mentoring activities. Incorporate e-learning into your new employee orientation program. At the least, give new employees an overview of your organization's e-learning philosophy, the options available, and how to sign up and get started. Take advantage of your company's email system to promote e-learning and its benefits. You can use email to promote specific courses, provide useful tips, outline benefits, and share suggestions for incorporating e-learning into employees' personal development. Constantly look for ways to position and communicate e-learning as a critical solution for dealing with business issues in your organization. Set up a help line. If employees have questions or difficulties (accessing a course, forgotten password, and so forth), make it easy for them to get answers. Print business cards with help line contact information and distribute them to all employees. Develop simple brochures and flyers and send them to employees via internal mail. Design the flyers so that employees can fill them out and return them with registration information and course selections. (Some organizations do that quarterly or when new courses are added to the curriculum.) Using a mix of communication vehicles--email, flyers, posters, telephone messages, newsletters--is more effective than using just one method repeatedly. Create recognition programs and use them liberally. Recognition can be personal, departmental, or companywide. Some organizations provide modest incentives for completing a course or curriculum; others print and award simple certificates of achievement or completion. Still others recognize employees through internal newsletters, memos, bulletin boards, or emails. A very personal way to recognize completion is to send a short note or email to managers, notifying them of employees completing courses. Consider putting a copy of the note in the employees' personnel files. The key: Use your imagination, and link recognition to what works best with your employees. Hold an "online open house." Invite all your company's employees to get more information about e-learning and its benefits. Some organizations distribute formal invitations, while others send tickets. companies reward attendees with popcorn, chocolate, ice cream, or other inexpensive treats. Further, the house is a great time register new users hand out additional information. Promote as way find solutions business issues problems. Consider making courses available family members of employees. Examples: SAT ACT prep for college-bound teenagers personal finance course--anything that can be taken from home. organization offer those value-added service members--and they make benefit attract prospective Conduct frequent course evaluations pinpoint strengths weaknesses learning initiative. simple phone calls random once've completed course. Survey what topics interest them ways incorporate interests into offering. If you work in larger organization, look ideas resources departments such marketing communications. Also, call on vendors help internal support. Most these suggestions are implement. But, critical continued participation, acceptance, overall success Web-based training