Research interests


My language interests center around comparative and typological investigations of Benue-Congo, in particular its Bantoid sub-branch, with a documentary focus on the languages of the Lower Fungom region of Northwest Cameroon in the context of the KPAAM-CAM project. I have also done significant work on Saramaccan, an Atlantic creole.

Theoretical linguistics

My primary theoretical interest is the synchrony, diachrony, and typology of linear relations within morphology and syntax. The focus of my research in this domain at present is the typology of templatic constructions, and I am, in particular, exploring how multivariate methods can help us better understand such constructions.

Digital data management in linguistics

I have been active in the development of digital techniques to facilitate language documentation, description, and archiving. I am especially interested in contributing to work on the modeling of different types of linguistics objects such as wordlists and grammars.