About Our Project

Our database system pertains to the paper delivery system at the Buffalo News. The current system that the Buffalo News is utilizing is completely paper based. The paper carrier has specific tabs that they rip off when customers make payments. Our group came to the realization that this system can be improved immensely. By creating a database within Microsoft Access, we are now able to better track payments, complaints, routes, affective advertising, and much more.This new system provides several functions that will be primarily utilized by the paperboy and the paper distributor, but upper management will use it often as well. The database is able to generate reports that shows where a customer stands in regards to money owed. Management can now view the customers that owe money while looking to see who the employee is that has yet to collect it. The paperboy also gains from this because they can now see who they must collect from. By allowing the database to pull reports of the routes, the paperboy will now have a print out of their individual route to help them correctly identify delivery location and delivery preference on each day of the week. In addition, the database can run reports based on length of service to help cross blend marketing opportunities to customers. The database allows management to better analyze the work ethics of their employees, the dedication of their customers, and the efficiency of the paper delivery system. This can lead to better decisions within upper level management that can have a trickle down affect bettering The Buffalo News.

Members of our group: Database Powerpoint