• 15 January -- Josh Dyck and Shanna Pearson
    "The Conspiracy of Silence Context and Voting on Gay Marriage Ballot Measures"
  • 22 January -- Jim Battista
    "Financial Interest Diversity in State Legislatures"
  • 5 February -- Chuck Lamb, Eric Wilk, and Nick Seabrook
    "Civil Rights in the New South: Decisions of Southern Civil Rights Agencies in Housing Discrimination Complaints."
  • 19 February -- Jason Sorens
    "Heterogeneity, Fiscal Federalism, and the Welfare State"
  • 5 March -- Michael Ross (States and Markets talk)
  • 26 March -- Dinissa Duvanona
  • 2 April -- Noel Johnson
  • 16 April -- Mock panel for grad students attending MPSA
  • 30 April -- Phil Arena and Nick Nicoletti

The workshop will likely continue in a less formal way into the summer. If you'd like to participate, please contact me..