Jim Gerland

LIS 506 Information Storage and Retrieval - Create Your Web Site

  • Instructor: James R. Gerland, Sr.
  • Time and Place: UBLearns
  • US Mail Drop:
    534 Baldy Hall
    North Campus
    Buffalo NY 14260
  • Email: (The best way to reach me)
  • Office Hours: To be arranged
  • Course Website: UBLearns MFC 215 course site.

LIS 506 Assignment 2 - Create Your Web Site

For this assignment you will design and create a web site based on your Assignment 1 personal web page and publish it to your UBFS webspace.

Your web site should contain:

  • at least 3 pages:
    • a home page (a 'welcome' page, for example)
    • two more additional pages such as an 'about us' page and a 'contact us' web form page.
  • a consistent and reasonable layout across your pages (using a common CSS file).
  • a consistent navigation method across your website (each page shuold have links to each other page).
  • some images (appropriately placed and sized in your site).
  • some hyperlinks to other web pages outside your site.

You should use CSS files to define your style for both the browser displayed and printed pages. (If you include some javascript to validate your web form correctly, you can earn a maximum of 5 extra points). Make sure you follow the design guidelines mentioned in the "Don't Make Me Think" textbook.

You should put your site in your public_html/lis506 directory on your UBFS space.

Post the url of the homepage of your website in the Assignment 2 Discussion Board.

See the class schedule for the date this project is due.