Jim Gerland

LIS 506 Information Storage and Retrieval - Create Your UB Web Page

  • Instructor: James R. Gerland, Sr.
  • Time and Place: UBLearns
  • US Mail Drop:
    534 Baldy Hall
    North Campus
    Buffalo NY 14260
  • Email: (The best way to reach me)
  • Office Hours: To be arranged
  • Course Website: UBLearns MFC 215 course site.

LIS 506 Assignment 1 - Create Your Web Page

For this assignment you will create sub-folder on your ubunix.acsu.buffalo.edu web space called: lis506. Then you will create a web page called index.html in that folder that will be used as the starting page for the rest of your assignments and projects for this course. Your web page should utilize the following HTML tags and include the following:

  • Appropriate HTML, HEAD, and TITLE tags to give your page a title that contains your name.
  • A BODY tag.
  • An H1 tag that contains your name.
  • An IMG tag with appropriate SRC, ALT, WIDTH, and HEIGHT values that insert a graphic image on your page. It doesn't matter at this time what the graphic is as long as it is legal and moral.
  • A P tag that encloses a brief paragraph about yourself.
  • An OL tag that contains five (5) LI tags that list the remaining projects for this course (web site, Access, XML, IR, and Final Project).
  • At least one of each of these style attributes: font-weight, font-style, color

Your web URL to view your web page is:


You will add a link to this page that allows the user to view your work.

Your username and password for the ubunix.acsu.buffalo.edu machine is the same as your UBUnix username and password you used to log into your UBUnix account.

Now, whenever you login to your ubunix.acsu.buffalo.edu account, or use an FTP program to transfer your files, you need to issue the command cd public_html/lis506/ to change to the sub-directory where you can create and maintain the files for your assignments and projects.

You can use either:

  • vi or Emacs in your ubunix account to maintain your files
  • you can edit them on your PC or Mac using Notepad or TextEdit and then use an FTP program, such as FileZilla or Fetch, to move them from your PC to your ubunix.acsu.buffalo.edu account.

When you have this project ready for me to view and grade you should post a note in the Project 1 Discussion Folder with the URL of your web page so I can click on that link to grade your project.

See the class schedule for the date this project is due.