Hugh Ganser

Student Finances and Records
University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York 14214
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Relevant experience and detailed project assignments in financial systems analysis,
budget management, revenue projections, and expenditure forecasting.

Financial Strategic Planning and Control
UB Comprehensive Fee Proposal

This assignment involved the definition, analysis, and implementation of a Comprehensive Fee
that would consolidate all current University fees. The proposal was researched, approved
by President Greiner, and implemented in the Fall 1998 semester.

Financial Project Definition, Analysis, and Outline
Alternative Loan Request for Proposal

This new initiative is to develop a single lender Alternative Loan program that provides cost
effect borrowing options for students. Financial contract advertising, vendor bids, project
specifications, and criteria evaluation are critical aspects of this project.

Loan Fund Revenue Projections and Expenditure Planning
Health Profession Loans Collection Database

Established an historical collections database containing fund revenues over a seven year
period. This information was critical in forecasting annual loan expenditures.

Financial Systems Analysis, Audit and Design
$79M Federal Direct Loan Reconciliation Project

This involved developing and implementing financial information systems to solve issues associated
with the Direct Loan Fund Reconciliation Project. Designing budget report requirements,
 conducting audit reviews, and work flowcharts were crucial of this project.

 Expenditure Analysis and Tracking System
Department Expense Database

Developed an expenditure information system that details critical department costs
and enables thorough cost analysis.