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Hobbies and Interests
  1. Web Design - I enjoy experimenting with web design on an amateur level. There have been times when I have considered working professionally but I am unable to devote the required time to updating my knowledge of evolving standards. I maintain a private website as part of my job responsibilities, but this does not involve much high-level design work. I believe I have a competent working knowledge of web design, and enjoy developing simple sites when the mood strikes me.
  2. Martial Arts - I have been training in Tae Kwon Do for the past five years. I earned my first degree black belt on June 4th, 2004. I enjoy the exercize and confidence this training affords. I have been on leave from my classes for the majority of this semester so that I may return to UB to work on my master's degree.
  3. Computer Programming - My bachelor's degree is in computer science, every so often I enjoy delving into networking technology or electronic technology in general. While I no longer engage in much high-level programming, I do write a fair amount of scripts for my job and enjoy automating otherwise tedious processes.
  4. Music Theory - I have a minor in academic music from the University at Buffalo that I completed during my undergraduate studies. This degree focuses on music theory and the building blocks of musical organization rather than a performace aspect. I have been playing the cello for many years and also dabble in piano and guitar.
  5. Astronomy - I find the scale and composition of the universe to be extraordinary. I enjoy following the calendar of cosmic events and have been known to try an observation of the distant heavens from time to time.