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For any papers here that are not available for download, please ask me for a copy at If any of the papers that are listed as being available for download fail to do so, please let me know.

Most of my publications on Ktunaxa employ the older name Kutenai. The language and people are now normally called Ktunaxa.

Dryer, Matthew S. 2007. Kutenai, Algonquian, and the Pacific Northwest from an areal perspective. In Proceedings of the Thirty-Eighth Algonquian Conference, edited by H. C. Wolfart, pp. 155-206. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba. DOWNLOAD

Dryer, Matthew S. 2002. A Comparison of Preverbs in Kutenai and Algonquian. In Proceedings of the Thirtieth Algonquian Conference, edited by David Pentland, pp. 63-94. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba. DOWNLOAD [The downloadable version differs in pagination and possibly other minor details from the published version]

Dryer, Matthew S. 2001 (unpublished). Notes on Demonstratives in Kutenai.DOWNLOAD

Dryer, Matthew S. 2004 (unpublished). Kutenai imperatives.DOWNLOAD

Dryer, Matthew S. 1998. Obviation Across Clause Boundaries in Kutenai.Studies in Native American Linguistics IX, John Kytle, Hangyoo Khym, and Supath Kookiattikoon, eds. University of Kansas Working Papers 22 : 2: 33 - 51.DOWNLOAD [The version downloadable here is different in pagination and possibly other minor details from the published version]

Dryer, Matthew S. 1996. Grammatical Relations in Ktunaxa (Kutenai): The Belcourt Lecture Delivered Before the University of Manitoba on 24 February 1995. Voices of Rupert's Land: Winnipeg, Canada.DOWNLOAD

Dryer, Matthew S. 1994 "The Discourse Function of the Kutenai Inverse". In Voice and Inversion, edited by T. Givon, pp. 65-99. John Benjamins.DOWNLOAD

Dryer, Matthew S. 1992. "A Comparison of the Obviation Systems of Kutenai and Algonquian." In Papers of the Twenty-Third Algonquian Conference, edited by William Cowan. Ottawa: Carleton University, pp. 119-163. DOWNLOAD

Dryer, Matthew S. 1991 "Subject and Inverse in Kutenai." In Papers from the American Indian Languages Conferences, Held at the University of California, Santa Cruz, July and August, 1991. Occasional Papers on Linguistics 16:183-202, ed. James E. Redden. Carbondale, Illinois: Dept. of Linguistics. Also appeared in Buffalo Papers in Linguistics 91-01: 20-39. DOWNLOAD

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