Credit where credit is due

Permission is granted to use what you find here, as long as it is not-for-profit, and as long as what you are using doesn't belong to someone else (unless you get their permission first). This site is copyrighted in regards to the material that I, David Gilles-Thomas, created. Obviously the content found at the sites that I have linked to belongs to the respective owners of those websites. I have tried to provide acknowledgment whenever I am using someone else's work. If you are thinking about using something you find at this website (e.g., images, html source code, text), please consider providing proper acknowledgment.

In that spirit, I want to acknowledge the sources for several images that were used in the construction of this website. I want to thank the owners of those sites for their permission to use their images.

A very well-done website with lots of information about Colombia.
Image used on the main contents page.
[same as above]
Image used as background wallpaper on all of the sub-pages off of the main webpage.
The official FANA website in Colombia.
Image used on the FANA contents page.
The official website for Families of FANA of Western New York.
Image used on the main contents page.
A list of Colombian recipes. Image created by Carolina Segura Escamilla.
Image used on the Fun page of this website.
-- David L. Gilles-Thomas
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